Insuerrectionist Escapee
Name: Insuerrectionist Escapee
Affiliations: Insuerrection
First Appearance: The Assault on Project Freelancer
Armor Color(s): Steel (Primary, Detail), Maroon (Secondary)
Occupation(s): Infiltrator, Scout
Weapon(s): Battle Rifle, Shotgun
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Project Freelancer Members

As they are rival projects all freelancers are enemies to him.


The Escapee and Maine have a on going rival. It all started when Maine planted a bomb in his room. The bomb went off and nearly killed him. The Escapee gets payback by shooting Maine in the lung. Maine later gets revenge breaking his armor and his helmet. Later the Escapee kills Maine's sister which inadvertently leads to his own demise.

Rachel Creed

They haven't had any interaction until the IRT came to the Father of Invention to attack. He holds her hostage and kills her with a headshot with his shotgun.

South Carolina

They haven't had any interaction except for when they encoutered each other during Operation: AI and Carolina shot his hand.

Insuerrection Members

The Escapee has many friendly relationships with his fellow Insuerrectionists.

Insuerrection Leader

The Escapee is a bit of a kiss up to the Insuerrection Leader. He respects the Leader very much always willing to aid him in missions.

Insuerrection Male

The Escapee and the Insuerrection Male aren't on friendly terms and have a rival

Insuerrection Female

The Escapee has a crush on the Insuerrection Female ever since he joined the Response Team. However, she does not have the same feelings for him.

Insuerrection Grenadier


Skills and Abilities



Battle Rifle: The Escapee frequently uses the Battle Rifle. He is very skilled with the Battle Rifle as he was able to shoot Maine with this weapon from afar, in his lung.

Shotgun: The Escapee uses a Shotgun as a sidearm. He uses it to kill Rachel Creed.

Notes and Trivia

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