Dexter Grif

Dexter Grif is a member of the RvB Red, and a main character in RvB On a Boat.

Early YearsEdit

Grif was raised by his mother, along with his sister. Their mom deserted them as well, joining the circus. Grif then found them new lodgings at the house of his best friendm Simmons. They lived with them for a while, eventually becoming roomates.

Joining the RedEdit

After nearly graduating college, Grif was distracted when Simmons stayed up all night. The result was Grif flunking out again, and, in a rage, left the apartement, and signed up with RvB Boating. Later, Simmons would join him, and renew thier friendship.

On the RedEdit

Grif continued his lazy habits on the Red, still keeping with his smoking and eating habits. This earned him the emnity of Sarge, while a rift formed between him and Simmons.

He later discovered that Donut was trying to be his friend, Grif redoubled his efforts and later jumped off the ship just to get away.


Grif 2

Grif in his scuba gear.