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Delta Gultch Red Team
Red Team.jpg
General Information
Military Unit Type

Spartan-II Commando Unit

Formation Type


Organizational Information
Commanding Officer(s)

Senior Commander Cody-110


Major Abraham-265

Staff Officer(s)

40,000 troopers


Spartan-II Power Armour
MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System
M6G Personal Defense Weapon System


M831 Troop Transport


Great Frontier


Project Freelancer


The Great Frontier Red Team (GFRT) is a large corps-sized faction of the Red Army located in the Great Frontier. It's a unique red team faction that it possess three hardened veteran SPARTAN-II commandos, formally the members of Delta Squad. Lead by Commander Cody-110 against the Great frontier Blue Team, who also possess a unit of Spartan-IIs. In truth, like the others, Red Team was used as experimentation to test out Freelancer agents, especially against Spartan-IIs. As Red Team is lead by senior ranking Spartan-II officers, it's one of the most organized companies of the Red Army, having a actual military ranking system, promotions, training and everything a military performs.


Notable Members


Trivia & Notes

  • As a military-structured Red Army unit, alongside the Great Frontier Blue Team, are considered to be the most powerful, strongest of any regiments in both the Red and Blue armies, and both are the largest of their respective faction (each of them possessing more then 30,000 Simulation Troopers).
  • The author wanted to make two teams of Blue and Reds to be so similar to a actual military faction in structure.
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