The Frost Gatherer is a bio enhancement used by Agent Loki of Project Valhalla. The enhancement itself gives the user control over cold, gathering itself as energy that can be expended in anyway the user sees fit.


As mentioned above, the Frost Gatherer absorbs the cold around it's user and builds it up as energy. This allows the user to use it in whichever way he/she sees fit. This allows Loki to adapt to any situation and change when needed.

In defensive situations, Loki can envelop himself in a sheet of ice which lessens the force of and blows he receives, and leaves him partially bullet proof. If he concentrates it enough, when an opponent strikes him, the frost will immediately transfer to the attacker and freeze him or her in place.

In offensive situations, Loki can generate high amounts of freeze in his hands and, upon direct contact with the enemy, freeze whatever part of the body he touches, which increases deadliness at close range. For long range, he can fire off small ice spikes or ice balls, with the spikes being his only offensive long range attack and the balls being his only long range defensive attack.


The requirements for the Frost Gatherer to work are hard to come by, and the only place Loki is able to use it often is when on Project Valhalla's ship, as several rooms are attuned to a low temperature to fit him. On higher temperatures, the enhancement is completely useless.


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