Squad 101


Squad 101

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DP's Freelancers: Squad 101

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Project Overview

Squad 101 is the gathering of Freelancers that aren't exactly...Friendly with others and posed a immedite danger to the others. So The Director placed the Freelancers on different missions that is helping them cope with each other (even though they don't know it).


Project Staff

Project Agents: Freelancers


  • Freelancers Maine and Tex have been apart of Squad 101, think that they were "rehabilitated" they were released and taken back to the main Freelancer team.
  • The squad's HQ is located in the following places, and were later removed because of the attack on Reach: Boardwalk, Reflection, Spire, and then finally High Noon
  • The story takes place in between Red vs. Blue and the attack on Reach
  • The series is filmed by the company Dooplication Productions and filmed using Halo: Reach.
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