Four Seven Niner
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Four Seven Niner, the Mother of Invention's lead pilot








UNSC, The Insurrection



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M6C/SOCOM Silenced Pistol

"I don't have a name."


"But you can call me Four Seven Niner."

- Wyoming meets Four Seven Niner for the first time

Four Seven Niner is the pilot character in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives, and works for Project Freelancer. She will be an extremely major player in the events of Red vs. Blue's story. She made her first appearance in Meet and Greet. She is stationed on the Mother of Invention.

Role in Plot

Meeting the Recruits

Four Seven Niner was responsible for transporting the first recruits: Agent Alaska, Agent Rhode, Agent Utah, Agent Iowa, Agent Wyoming, Agent Virginia, Agent Nevada, Agent Carolina and Agent York. She made another appearance later when Agent Wyoming helped her pack cargo onto a Pelican. She was then tasked by The Director to gather all the agents for a briefing.


Project Freelancer Armor

Four Seven Niner is shown to wear silver light armor plating an a standard Pilot's helmet.


Four Seven Niner is shown to be a generally kind character, she is extremely independant and relies solely on herself.

Skills and Personalities

While Four Seven Niner's skills have not been shown and expressed, she is shown to be a skilled pilot.


Agent Wyoming

Agent Wyoming is shown to have developed feelings for Four Seven Niner in the series. He makes an effort to get in her good books and in the end his attempts paid off as she accepted to get a drink with him in the near future.


  • Four Seven Niner acted as both the pilot and later the Command contact in other seasons of Red vs. Blue; whether this was the same character is unknown.
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