Family Ties is the second PSA of Battle of Blood Gulch (Season Two). It is a crossover with Zeon1's series Moon Base.


"Allright," Natasha Killgrave said, looking over the small group of Moon Base Sector A: "Sandbox" soldiers that had decided to accompany her to visit her brother, "everyone here? Mikey?"

"Here!" chirped Red Team's marooned armored rookie.

"Issy- I mean, Captain Hawkings?"

"Die, ORKS!" came the half-drunken, half-whiny voice from their captain.

".... Thomas?"


"Okay, and finally, Noah?"

"I'm here!"

The pink-armored soldier smiled, and took a step back. She looked at the Pelican they had requested from command to visit her brother, and opened the hatch. The Reds and Blues began making their way in, each chattering about the new experience.

Jamous Killgrave yawned as he leaned back in his chair, hands crossed behind his head. The day had gone by slowly and, against normal occurences, nothing crazy had happened. No fights, random explosions, or even Rocket Shoes trying to kill Swanson. Yep, he was loving the day so far.

Of course, things can always go for the best even when it was the best (if that makes sense). Killgrave cracked an eye open, eyeing his office door. Boots were echoing down the hallway. He crossed his fingers and prayed it wasn't anything badly important. Maddox appeared, helmet under his arm and a piece of paper in another.

"Jamous!" Maddox said excitedly, "I've got great news!" The medic handed his friend the piece of paper. Killgrave looked at Maddox suspiciously for a minute, never seeing his friend so excited before, before opening it up and reading it's contents. A smile slowly formed on his face. He folded it back up, sat for a minute, and then stood to his feet.


More coming soon!

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