• "im a soldier ,and i follow orders."

LT.crossman,born eric cross.retains canadian roots, good reflexs.

  • armor color,black and ice,

hayabusa shoulders and helmet, recon body.

  • personality:talks fast, possibly psycho and the quickest shot on the blue team,before the finale of season 1,he left blue base in the middle of the night,leaving onlty a note nd a missing mongoose.
  • Background: born a victim of the covonent attack on earth,brutes slaughterd his familiy when he was 10.

he demostrates a finnese combat style, landing evrey punch,kick and bullet at a pecise point. using a covnent carbine, a sniper on occasion and sports twin spikers.he retrived these weapons during his first operation with ark,with whom he bonded quickly. he was assinged the oppertunity to scout the remains of the skyscraper ,he assisted with and was betrayed after he helped tex escape and was shot and left for dead by the freelancers. and worked out an aggrement with the leader of blue team at the canyon to keep him safe in exchange for spying on the reds.

season 2

he returnes in the episode heat wave of season two,his armor in the reach engine in a steel and forest colors with the mrk 6 helmet with a black visor, mark V sholders, a tactical LRP chest UGPS wrist and grenidier knee pads.

retains most of his traits from season 1, but he talks slower, in a darker tone and has a more serious attitude and has switched weapons to a DMR and a grenade launcher and uses an active camoflouge unit,and has demonstrated an increased covert lethality since he left, but has not said why

  • personality in season two</li>

    he has displayed a more refined, serious and disiplined attitude,his sarcasam was replaced by a cold sense of confidence. but has shown an interest in alexa



  • Alexa Woods</li>

    "hello beutiful"

    Since he returned,he has had a soft spot for alexa,even going so far as to injure a fellow teammate to stop her from getting shot during a skirmish,his regular spy missions into the red side of the canyon have now turned into silent attemps to get the message across,but to no avail.


  • cheif:</li>

    he is the only person on the blues he seems to see as highly respectable,or mabye he just got better at following orders since he left


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