Franklin Delano Donut

Franklin Delano Donut is a member of the RvB Red, and a main character in RvB On a Boat.

Early Life

Donut was raised in an orphanage, with no designation number. He then was taken in only by a single mother. This led to him becoming more girly than most males could possibly manage.

Most of Donut's life is little to be told, dispite the fact that he had a hard time making friends.

On the Red

Donut has played little roles in the story so far, but his attempts to become friends with Grif has been a recurring joke in the series. He freqeuntly attempts to hug Grif, and once, knocked him over the edge.

He later noticed the crashing of Tex's ship, and ignored it as inconsiqeunctial.


Donut 2

Donut in his scuba gear.

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