"He was two different people at once, but both took care of me and both were family."
—Connecticut on his brother's unique condition
Derek/Connor/Steven Lee
Name: Derek/Connor/Steven Lee
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Derek Lee was the brother of Freelancer agent Connecticut of the Freelancer Rebirth program.


Derek was six years older than his younger brother Greg. Derek's mother died after Greg's birth, but his father was a well known biologist. His father performed experiments that had worked quite well that enhanced the human body in his lab, so he began experimenting on Derek. These experiments were unlike any other; these experiments led to Derek being able to divide his mind into two segments, each with its own distinct personality. These experiments later led to Derek's ability split his physical body into two identical versions of him, one for each part of his mind. A peculiar side effect of this was Derek had two different colored eyes: one blood red and the other bright green. The red eye represented the darker side of his personality, known as Connor, while the green was the lighter side, who became known as Steven. Derek also discovered he could split off an "empty" copy that had no real mind of its own.

Derek and Greg's father was arrested when his experiments were found to be inhumane. When he found out about his impending arrest, he knew that the police would find Derek and know that he had been experimented on. Greg had not been experimented on. Derek was hidden with Greg, but their father never returned. Derek, who was thirteen at the time, knew he had to take care of his seven year old brother. He found his way into underground societies and eventually got a gang to take care of Greg. A year later, Derek was stabbed in front of a bar in downtown Detroit. His body was found, but it may have been an empty copy. It is also possible Derek faked his death.

In truth, Derek actually ran away to join the Insurrection. His skills allowed him to rise to the rank of top operative of the Insurrection.

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