David LeRoy
LeRoy.pngLeRoy's first appearence
Name: David LeRoy
Affiliations: Red Team
First Appearance: Welcome to He- I Mean, Sandbox
Armor Color(s): Red
Occupation(s): Soldier
Weapon(s): Fuel Rod Gun
Voice Actor: Zeon1
"Guh, must have been hitting the booze again last night.... I had a nightmare that some idiot cast me in a RvB spin-off...."
—LeRoy breaking the fourth wall.

David LeRoy is a character in the series Zanzibar. He is the second in command.


LeRoy is usually a calm person, but freaks out easily. He also breaks the fourth wall so much, Mikey commented that it must be full of scars.


In the first episode, he is trying to put up with Issy, who is trying to get him to play a larp. He later insults said larp and apologizes to Issy, who continues quoting.

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