The Dark Matter Convertor is a generator that converts dark matter into energy that can be harnessed by technological devices. The generator was created by Doctor Maya Hertz and is used by Agents Carolina and Arkansas.


The Dark Matter convertor is a compact device that can be easily installed into the Mark VI MJOLNIR armor with some assembly required. It is designed to fit in the back as a type of power source. The convertor gathers dark matter through the back, which creates a type of magnetic field that attracts dark matter. The matter is then converted to energy which is then used to power whatever it is that it's built into.


The dark matter convertor can be used to power just about any electronic device; due to the limitless amount of energy dark matter possesses, the convertor can be used to power just about anything.

Currently, the convertor is used as an alternative power source for South Carolina's armor enhancements, as both require a significant amount of energy to power. Recently, Carolina has given Ark one of these generators to compensate for his lack of night-based energy and to make him more versatile as a soldier.

Due to the difficulty in converting any form of matter to energy, a dark matter convertor is exceedingly rare, making it another set of equipment used by Alin that isn't standard; very few people other than Doctor Hertz are capable of producing this generator.

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