Name: Mu
Affiliations: Trinity Team AI
First Appearance: Trinity Team Proluge
Armor Color(s): Black and Yellow
Occupation(s): AI
Weapon(s): None
Relative(s): All other AI created by the Alpha
Armor Enhancement: none
Voice Actor: Unknown

The Trinity Team's AI. Mu was split during a break between Alpha's "experiments" when the Alpha finally gave into his depression, and as a result made the AI Mu, Alpha's optimism. He was put with Agent Colorado, but soon found he could hop between two other agents as well as Colorado, Ohio and Vermont. because of this, Freelancer made the Trinity Team, with Mu as their AI. even though se is optimist, he ironically looks scary. He is yellow and black in color, and distinguished by his haunted helmet with his scary looking skull showing through his visor. The team speculates that Mu's scary appearance was most likely due to the circumstances of which he was created, as a result of depression and pain. In addition to his ability to hop between armors, when he does hop, he regulates the freelancer's armor abilities by making them last as long as the team needs, but it takes a few seconds to charge. Without him, the freelancers can only use their abilities for a certain amount of time.

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