Agent Vermont
Name: Agent Vermont
Affiliations: Trinity Team
First Appearance: Trinity Team
Armor Color(s): Brown Primary Yellow Secondary
Occupation(s): Pilot,Mechanic, and Strategest
Weapon(s): DMR and Grenade Rifle
Relative(s): Classified
Armor Enhancement: Sprint and Evade
Voice Actor: Ralok

Agent Vermont, real name Eric LeMaster, is a freelancer who was recruited for his Strategic mind, mechanical skills, and piloting skills. He is a very serious bridge between Mu's optimism and Ohio's Sarcasm. He is the Strategic planner of the group and also pilots their Falcon. His armor enhancements are Sprint, for running after a vehicle or making a hasty retreat, and Evade, for dodging bullets and other projectiles. His armor is brown with yellow trim. He really didn't want to join Freelancer, because he quickly saw their corrupt ideals. Agent Texas, however, convinced him to join so they could join. He was offered to be the original holder of the Epsilon AI, but refused and was put int he Trinity Team. He trusts his two team mates with his life and is very protective of Mu. he carries a Grenade Rifle as his backup weapon and a DMR as his main weapon.