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Crowe, leader of The Insurrection








UNSC, The Insurrection



Armor Color

Red (Primary), Black (Secondary), Steel (Detail)


Number One, Leader of the Insurrection



"I go by many names. I go by leader, king, boss-man, Crowe.'"

- Crowe meets the Rookie for the first time

The Insurrection act as one of the primary antagonist factions against Project Freelancer in Red vs. Blue: The Freelancer Archives. The Insurrection's leader is Crowe. Crowe makes his first appearance in Meet and Greet at the Longshore Shipyards.

Role in the Plot

Meeting the Rookie

When the Rookie first arrives at the Insurrection's base Longshore, he meets with their leader Crowe. Crowe is shown atop a throne in a warehouse, a 'bodyguard' Deadshot at his side. Most of the other Insurrectionists arrive to bring Rookie to the leader however the meeting is interrupted when Hawke, Sharkface and Bowman enter to announce that The Covenant have destroyed one of their faction's outposts.


Combat Armor

The leader's combat armor consists of an ODST Helmet, and a heavy chest pad. His armor colors consist of Red primary colors, Steel secondary colors and Black armor details. His personal emblem is a black hawk with a red military star.
Crowe symbol tfa

Crowe's personalised symbol

List of Injuries

Crowe has not yet received any injuries while serving under The Insurrection.


Crowe appears comforting to his 'inferiors' showing Rookie kindness upon arrival and concern for Hawke and his mens' safety when they arrive with a dying army.

Skills and Abilities

Crowe's skills have not been showcased in the series thus far.



When the Rookie is introduced to The Insurrection he is treated with much kindness from the leader despite Crowe suspecting he is not extremely militaristically skilled. This shows that Crowe appears eager to develop a friendship with Rookie much like the friendly bond he has already forged with his other men.


  • In Red vs. Blue Seasons 9 and 10, Hawke was shown as the Insurrection Leader not Crowe.
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