Crackdown is the 5th Episode of Red vs. Blue: The Freelancer Files. It aired September 1st 2011.



  • The Chairman
  • California
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana

Project Freelancer

  • The Director
  • Agent Ohio
  • Agent Alaska
  • Agent Alabama
  • The Counselor (Mentioned Only)


The Episode opens a view of California looking through the scope of a sniper rifle while on a balcony. "Everyone clear for transport?" She asks. The scene goes to Jersey on the other side of the hallyway holding a sniper rifle and on the other side of the Hallway. "Yes we're clear. Have been for 45 minutes. How long until we finally move him?" "Hes a high security target with 3 Freelancer Agents inside the facility trying to get to him. We are taking all precautions. I hear they are even using a small EMP on the soldiers to disable the one with the hologram." Virginia says as the view zooms down to infront of the soldiers where she and Oklahoma are standing. "It better not play hell with my motion trackers." Oklahoma says. "What about you Louis? You ready?" "To kill my brother? No. No I'm not. No one should ever be ready to do that. But will I..... yes. If it comes to that. I hope he just hops a transport out of here." "Errr.... Good, I'll report to The Chairman then." California said. "Chairman all Agents are in position we are ready to initiate transfer." "Roger that California." The Chairman said. "Next we will kill The Counselor. Not as important as the Director. Yet still important enough he shouldn't be kept here." "Alright roger that." California replied. Soon all the troops begin to march. There are 1000 of them all suronding the Director who is in electronic handcuffs. "They wouldn't dare try and interfere." Carolina said.

The scene goes to the 3 Freelancers. "Alright are we all ready?" Alaska asks. The scene moves out showing 297 other UNSC soldiers surronding them. "Yes sir." They all reply. "Well then. Lets charge." Ohio said. "Alabama you know the plan." "Course I do dipshit. I'm the one who invented it." Alabama replies. "Then lets go." The soldiers and Freelancers charge down the Hallway from other hallways, revealing it to appear as several long Sword Bases put together at the ends, the battle intensifies and a grenade is thrown landing next to Alaska. It goes off knocking him down and out.

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