Club Errera
Agent Carolina entering Club Errera, Reach




Open and in Business

"Hey you! You're not allowed to smoke in here!" - Club Errera's Bartender to Agent York

Club Errera acts as the first known location revealed in Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives. It appears in Season One in the 'Pray' Trailer. Club Errera is the location where Agent Carolina meets Agent York for the first time. Club Errera was said to be involved in the first Covenant War. When Reach was taken by the Covenant, Club Errera acted as a battleground. Since then it had been remodelled and reused again as a nightclub.
Errera exterior

The exterior of Club Errera


Club Errera is shown to have a hellipad in the exterior to allow for public access to the massively high skyscraper the club is situated in. The interior has at least two levels with both a staircase and a staff lift to allow access. The bottom level contains a bar and a dancefloor. The upper level hosts a VIP bar and lounge, the DJ's sound desk, a VIP bar and a private dancer's back room.

Errera interior

The interior of Club Errera

Role in Plot

Club Errera is the place that Agent York and Agent Carolina meet for the first time. It also hosts a large scale bar fight which results in the casualties of two of the club's paying members.
Club errera helipads

Club Errera from outside New Alexandria, Reach


  • Club Errera makes an appearance in Halo: Reach in the mission 'New Alexandria'.
    • It is in this mission that the player taking on the role of Noble 6 fights within the club to disengage a Covenant device.
    • It is likely that the battle that took place in Errera is the one that Carolina describes in the series' trailer.
  • Club Errera played a significant role in Carolina and York's relationship in Red vs. Blue Season 10.
  • Agent Carolina's lighter makes an appearance at this location.
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