Clash of Titans is the second episode of RvB: Perfect Soldier. It begins the fight through Freelancer.

Chapter Two: Clash of Titans

Agent Utah pulled off his helmet and wiped the sweat from his brow. He walked out of the training holoroom, and headed for the showers, slowly removing the rest of his armor. Grey-ish hair (not because he's old, he just always had it!) along with matching eyes emerged on top of his muscular frame. As he continued walking, other Freelancers whom he passed shot him looks of malice. Everyone thought he had killed Montana.

But Utah hadn't. Sure, he had been present when she died, but when he came back, all the COM channels were saying he had killed her. Who would have fallen for that? Sure, he had been shocked when he found out what she was really doing when she went of on "recon" but he wasn't that angry! And besides, Montana had been a friend to everyone, even him. She had been the kind of person you couldn't forget.

Utah sighed, and went into the showers, helmet still off. When he entered, he passed a tan-armored soldier he didn't know. Frowning, he put on his helmet, and scanned for a Freelancer ID. There wasn't one. Then he noticed the small sun on his shoulder.

ORION logo

The soldier smiled, and flashed it to him again. "Oh, crap!" Utah thought, recognizing the symbol. ORION. And then the rest came back to him. Leo. Leo growled and tackled him with enough force to send them through the wall.

About half the Freelancers working in the gym were startled as the walls exploded and two armored soldier appeared, fighting fiercly. Leo was on top of him, but Utah pulled his feet back, and thrust upward, sending Leo into the ceiling.

Leo leaped down again, and landed hard on Utah's chest. Utah gasped, and forced his arms up, hefting Leo up and throwing him off with all his might. Leo slammed into the wall forcing it to crack as Utah charged him. The smashed through the gym and into the cargo bay.

"What's this whole thing about?!" Utah yelled, gripping Leo by the throat. Leo responded with a viscous punch to the side of his head. Stars flying, Utah rolled into a frigate's side. Leo pulled himself up, rubbing his neck, then responded, "Isn't it obvious?"

Utah rubbed his head then it hit him. "Not you too," he groaned, "if I've told you once I've told you a thousand times, I DIDN'T KILL MONTANA!"

"LIER!" Leo yelled, charging him, gripping his head, and slamming it into the side of the frigate again and again. Utah groaned as Leo finally stopped, lifted him, and tossed him into the frigate. Groaning, Utah tried to move, as Leo pressed coirdinates into the main panel. He slowly walked toward the exit, kicking Utah as he left...

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