Leonard Church, Jr. is a main character in RvB On A Boat. He is the adopted son of Prof. Leonard Church, and is a member of the crew on Blue Team.

Church 2

Church in his scuba gear.

Early LifeEdit

Church talks little of his early life, though it is known that he was orphaned at an early age. He was in the orphanage for several years, under the designation of 'Alpha'. He was adopted by Professer Leonard Church, who named him after him, viewing him as the son he never had. Church was raised with another adopted child, Eddie, also known as Epsilon.

Church later ran away with his brother, who disappeared. Church then reastablished contact with his father, and it has continued ever since.

First ShipEdit

Church, on his years on the run, met with another such runaway, Alison Tex. He joined up with her, and she helped him take care of Eddie.

Later, when Eddie had left, they decided to join a ship known as the Zanzibar. It was crewed by an old enemy from the orphanage, Omega, now known as Omega.

During their time on the ship, Church and Tex became a couple, sharing a same cabin before O'Malley betrayed them, knocking Church off the ship, while Tex jumped off the edge. Church was found by Captain Flowers of the Blue, who took him in.

On the BlueEdit

After Captain Flowers died, Church became Captain of the ship, and established a close friendship with Lavernius Tucker. He then lead them on their many scuba expiditions.

During one of the dives, Church found a sunken ship, with Tex floating in the reckage. Church helped her up to the ship. Whether this means their relationship will resume is still up for debate.


  • Church is mostly gruff and sometimes a jerk, he has a gentler, nicer side. However, studies have shown that this side only emerges when he is with Tex.
  • Church has no patience for idiots, hence his hate for Caboose.



Leonard Church