Chitty Chitty Death Bang is the third episode of Family Blue. It was written by Overpaid Government Operative 01:48, October 16, 2011 (UTC).


Tex has booked Cheesie Fishie's, a parody of the popular children'd restaurant Chuck E. Cheese's, for Lopez's upcoming first anniversary party and sends Church (along with Grif) to drop off the deposit check at the restaurant. However, once they arrive, Church sports an attitude that causes the manager to give their reservation to someone else - a move Church later realizes will infuriate Tex. Meanwhile, Lopez misinterprets the meaning of his anniversary and assumes that the same mysterious "Man in White" who adpoted him as a micro-organism will be returning to force Lopez back into the Robot Factory from which he just escaped just one year ago. Sister cries all the way back to Church from cheer-leading practice, and has been trouble fitting in at school, shows discovers a new friend Jennifer.

Church covers his mistake up by telling Tex that they don't need to have Lopez's party at Cheesie Fishie's because they are Nazis who torture, kill and kidnap fish. He pretends that he's already planned an extravagant party at hom. Meanwhile, Lopez makes it all the way to the airport before deciding that he should face "The Man in White" after all. Church tries desperately, but ulitimately unsuccessfully, to put together a party in time for Lopez's anniversary. He finally reroutes a circus into the backyard, saving the day - that is, until he reveals to Tex that he gave Sister permission to go to a party at her friend's house. Tex, who wanted her whole friends together for Lopez's party, is upset with Church for letting Sister go. What Church and Tex don't realize is that Sister's "party" is actually a cult meeting where all the members are about to commit group suicide.

Church goes to retrieve Sister from her "party", oblivious to the fact that he is sparing her life in the process. The Cult Leader chases after them (wearing his ceremonial white robe) and is mistaken by Lopez as "The Man in White". Lopez does away with him and, feeling victorious, joins the others to enjoy his party.

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