Corporal C.J., also known as Agent C, is part of a UNSC Special Forces group known as the Alphabeta project.

What IS an Alphabeta agent?

Alphabeta agents are Special special ops team members. Alphabeta agents are higher ranked to average special ops teams but, are lower ranked to Project Freelancer agents.

Before Alphabeta,

Before C.J. became an Alphabeta agent, he was a UNSC marine and an ODST. He was different to other marines. He had enhanced combat skills learned from his father, who was also a marine. He learned the skills from his father before C.J. was deployed for his first day. He clawed through the ranks until reaching the rank of Corporal. His commander, Lt. Markins, noticed his skills and recommened him to be promoted to the ranks of ODST. During his career as an ODST, he was stuck at his rank of Corporal and never achieved over the rank. He was never annoyed by this fact but, felt like he should have at least made one more rank. He finally was spectated by the first Alphabeta agent, Agent A.  Agent A met C.J. in person for a possible recruitment.  C.J. accepted his offer and is awaiting preperation for his operation once more agents have been recruited.

Armor and Gadgets

Since C.J. was recruited during his ODST career, he kept his ODST armor. His ODST armor is mostly black with a single white line going down his helmet. He carries a TACPAD on his right wrist for communication. He has a blue visor with a single crack going down on the right side of his visor.


He's shy around those he has never known berfore but, is quite friendly.

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