The Capture Unit is an armor enhancement used by Freelancer Agents Maine and Virginia.


This enhancement is used to absorb the abilities and capabilities of other armor enhancements. This enhancement has multiple strengths and weaknesses. However, each variant has different strengths and weaknesses.

Variants, Strengths, and Weaknesses

There are two known variants of the Capture Unit, one used by Maine, the other by Virginia.

Alpha Variant

The Alpha Variant is the variant used by Agent Maine. With it, Maine can absorb 100% of the functions of other armor enhancements without affecting the original enhancement. This enhancement also grants Maine the ability to use multiple enhancements at once. However, it has a one hour charge time, forcing Maine to wait while it charges. Also, Carolina theorizes that if this unit were used to capture the effects of his Quick Unit it will either destroy the enhancement due to its high power output or it will overload the user and kill him for the same reason.

Beta Variant

The Beta variant is the variant used by Agent Virginia. This enhancement has two notable differences when compared to the Alpha variant: first, rather than the enhancements remaining static in power, this one doubles its power over the course of a week for a limitless amount of time. The other difference is that while the Alpha variant leaves the original enhancement untouched, the Beta variant destroys it, rendering it unusable, with some exceptions.

Its weakness, however, is that the infinite doubling of the power of the enhancements could very well destroy the user after some time, forcing Virginia to clear its memory and capacity after a given amount of time.

It is presumed that this variant also has a one hour charge time just like the Alpha variant. However, due to absorbing the functions of a Dark Matter Convertor given to her by Carolina, she never turns it off.

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