Michael J. Caboose

Michael J. Caboose is a main character of RvB On a Boat, and a member of the RvB Blue.

Early Life

Caboose was raised in a large family comprised of him and 17 sisters. He was always straining to get away from it all, and because of his advanced stupidity, he joined the Blue thinking it was college. He met and regarded Cpt. Flowers as a father.

On the Blue

Caboose has developed an almost terrifying forced friendship with Church, who, while trying to get away from him, still finds him a company at certain time.

He later helped Church find and rescue Tex, and investigated the ruins of the ship. He met a shark, whom he named Crunchbite.


Caboose has what would be called an unhealthy attachement to Sheila, the Blue's AI. This attachement goes to feeling jealous when Lopez examines her, and making her muffins to make up for lost time.

Caboose hates Tucker, seeing him as a rival for Church's love.

He also is scared of Tex.


Caboose 2

Caboose in his scuba armor.

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