Episode 1: Opening Act


Black Screen Title Card: Many years ago there was a great war.

Display a shot of Boneyard with Spartans fighting elites with a wraith blast flying overhead.

Title Card: We were victorious...but it was short lived.

Display the same shot of bone valley but instead Spartans are killing each other.

Title card: Old groups that joined together to fight the alien threat, turn on one another.

Display a shot of boardwalk with blues and red in a fire fight

Switch to a shot in zealot with blue spartans with elites

Title Card: Alliances were made.

<fade to black>

title card: there is no clear advantage to who will win the wars known as the....Blue vs Red

Voice over of Caboose from Recronstructio chapter 4: Blue vs red battles. No one says red vs blue, it sounds stupid when you say it backwards.

Fade to black.

Shows Hemorhage with a falcon with two gunners on it fly over the base near the water (blue base) and towards red base. It begins to descend on the base but on the base is a orange soldier with a jetpack and a dmr.

Orange soldier: hey what are doing?

Falcon pauses over head.

Pilot of Falcon: trying to land

Orange soldier: on the base?

Pilot: yes

Orange soldier: no you're not this is the lookout point and with out it I can't be lookout!

Pilot: So what do I do?

Showing space behind the base

Orange soldier: there's plenty of room back there.

Pilot: I'm not landing there my ship'll get dirty!

Shows view of a blue alien spying on the base from a nearside cliff.

Orange soldier: (incredulously) It'll get dirty! Man up you big baby you're in the army.

Alien runs down the cliff.

Pilot: C'mon dude I'm low on gas.

Orange soldier: I'll fly up there and-

Red soldier with assault rifle runs out the back entrance of the base.

Red Soldier: Proctor!

Orange soldier/Proctor: Yes sir?

Red soldier: shadup will ya let him land.

Proctor: what about my lookout point?

Red soldier: I said move!

Proctor: But-

Pilot: move or I'll effing squish you

Proctor: (while walking off the base) How will we know if we're going to be attacked?

Shows a hill in the distance with a mongoose driven by a teal soldier and the same alien in the passenger area driving towards the base.

Red soldier: Why would anyone want to attack us?

Proctor: We're at war everyone wants to attack us!

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