Building Stress is the thirteenth episode of the Battle of Blood Gulch Season 2. It was released on October 22nd, 2011 and was written by III Cypher III.


Rocket Shoes was immediately slammed up against the Red wall, pistol clattering to the ground and accidentaly firing another shot into the opposing wall. Song held his teammate by the neck, other hand positioned by his gut ready to activate his energy blade at any second. Rocket Shoes coughed and choked as Songs grip tightened. "What the hell Clay?! What was that about?!" Song shouted. Swanson slowly stood from leaning, looking at where the bullet hit. He was glad he was wearing his armor.

Alexa and Faith skid into the room, looking around wildly before seeing the scene. Faith went immediately to Swansons side. "Song, what the hell are you doing?" Alexa demanded. Song looked over at her before saying, "Clay pulled a gun on Swanson and shot him." Soon Killgrave, Maddox and Chief appeared too. Chief went to Swanson and helped him regain his balance. "Clay, I want an explanation. Go to my office." Killgrave demanded. Song dropped Clay, who went stomping off. Killgrave followed.

Swanson breathed out and looked at his friend. "Killgrave has an office?" Faith looked at Swanson. "Are you serious? You just got shot and you're concerned of he has an office?" He chuckled sheepishly. Song patted Swanson on the shoulder. Maddox and Chief turned away, starting a small conversation concerning their wounded Blue rookie.

"So how long it's gonna take to get him fixed up doc?" Maddox sighed and scratched his head. "From the quick glance I managed to get before we were interrupted, roughly a couple days. He has numerous bullet wounds across his chest. It will take a lot of care to remove them, patch them up. Then he needs some days to recover." Chief looked over at the medical ward, seeing the unconscious Sam, before looking at Maddox. "Just...let me know when he's okay." Maddox's eyes softened on nodded.

Chief turned to Swanson and watched as Faith hugged him before making her way to her CO. "Are you sure you don't want to come back with us Swanson?" Chief asked. Swanson hesitated before nodding. "I need time to think..." Chief stared at the younger man. "Alright. If you change your mind, we'll take you back with open arms." Then he and Faith left. The revving of wheels and the distancing engine gave signal that the Blues had left. Maddox turned and lightly jogged back to the medical ward. So much more work to do.

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