Buckingham Palace
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The Palace from the Front Gates




Withstanding and Lively

Buckingham Palace is the name of the famous Palace located in London, England on the Planet of Earth. It is home to the British Royal Family. At the time of The Freelancer Archives, a Queen is in power over Britain.


Buckingham Palace is a site of tradition and wealth. It is a representation of England's monarchist history. While the grey stone structure looks almost medieval from the extrerior it's interior has been renovated and refurnished many times to keep it looking pristine and new.

A park in London

Role in Plot

The Assassination Attempt

A street in London

On one particular day, an English minister came to visit the Queen. In the morning he waited within the palace gates as the crowds gathered outside in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Queen in her Royal Carriage. However, a shot was fired and interrupted the peaceful event and the minister was killed. The shot was intended to kill the minister, however the public presumed it had been meant for the Queen.

The shot had been fired from a local park where an assassin, the to-be Agent Wyoming (dressed as a hobo), fired the round from a customised high impact sniper rifle. He fled down the streets away from the police force. Wyoming was never aprehended by the police.


  • Buckingham Palace is a real location in England, as this is the location where the provided photos have been taken.
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