Breach and Clear is the first Episode of Red vs. Blue: The Freelancer Files. It was released August 1st 2011.


Project FreelancerEdit



The Episode begins as a Pelican carrying several soldiers heads toward a giant domed structure. A walkway is released from the dome and we get a shot at the rear of the pelican whose door is open. Inside we see many of the guards aiming their weapons at two soldiers clad in Spartan Armor those being Ohio and Alaska. The Pelican lands and the Chairmen is waiting on the landing pad. He smiles upon seeing Ohio and Alaska but upon noticing Alabama missing gets angry yelling for his location. When he is told they don't know he simply tells the team to put the two on death row with the executions by hanging the next day. They are taken to their prison cells which between the two is The Director. They explain that Alabama was supposed to be one of the two gaurds dropping the soldiers in their cells and that things aren't going as planned. The Director now an old man is depressed over what his lifes work has become and this isn't aided by the failure of a rescue. After the Director makes a small lament about his life the screen goes black. When the screen goes back a room full of prisoners and Marines alike is seen in the middle is a platoform with Three nooses. Only two are occupied however. After the Warden's speech and a priests blessings the two are hung by and executioner who takes them to a morge ending the episode.



  • This episode will be one of the darker episodes of TFF.

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