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Created by:

January 15th, 2014

Directed by:






Running time:

5-8 min.

Number of episodes:

13 (Season 1)
Unknown (Season 2)

"What happens after victory?"
—Series tagline

Blue is an action/comedy/drama/romance story written by Zeon1. The series takes place in the Red vs Blue universe, asking the ultimate question: What happens to one team when they totally defeat the other. It tells the story of the Blue Team of Foundry Outpost, after they have defeated the Red Team. Now stuck on their outpost, they waste every day away, until a mysterious stranger arrives from the skies and drags them into a massive conspiracy. 


List of Characters

Blue Team

  • Captain Knave DhahakaThe leader of the Blue Team, Knave is the overal protagnist of the series and one of the most important characters.
  • Second-in-Command Sterling- Second-in-command of Blue Team, Sterling suffers from various delusions, leading him to believe he is in Vietnam, and he will often act accordingly. He often attempts to enforce rigid discipline on the Blues.
  • Head Communications Officer Risa Mihawk- the only female member of Blue Team. Risa usually completely ignores the other members, and when she does acknowedge them, treats them with disdain.
  • Weapons Officer Sid Cheney- Knave's "best friend" of sorts, Sid suffers from a debilitating fear of a great quantity of the color red, and will do anything to destroy that source. Despite that, Sid remains one of the more important characters.
  • Private First Class Gopher- The idiot of the team, Gopher is known for vanishing for long periods of time, and then returning with new weapons and armor.



  • HawkeyeThe visitor from the future, Hawkeye is in posession of an item called the "Dead Sea Scroll", which the UNSC will do anything to obtain. He allies with the Blues to protect it, stating it is the key to saving his timeline. 


List of Episodes

Season 1


  • It is loosely based on a machinima idea by the author, originally called Green
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