Chapter 5: Crime and Something ElseEdit

O'Malley's fist slammed into Church's head for the 18th time that evening. He lurched back, trying to calm down. He didn't now what was going to happen, but he had the feeling that it would get a lot worse.

O'Malley was chortling, apparently drunk. He and Tex had gone off somewhere, and when they came back, O'Malley had taken Tucker off somewhere, and had returned, and just started hitting Church for no reason, ignoring Tex's protests.

Somwhere, Church felt, there should be a place where a policeman could avoid stuff like this. He knew there was, and he had left it behind. Man, he sucked.

O'Malley chuckled, then lifted his fist up to deal another blow. Right as it was about to land, Tex's hand went out to grab it.

"That's enough, Omega," she said, angrily, "you're lucky he's not dead."

"Good point..." Church muttered, only to recieve another blow. Tex snarled at O'Malley, then pushed him out of the way.

"Deal with the other one," she muttered, then, after making sure that O'Malley was working on Tucker leaned down.

"What the crap are you doing here, Church?" she hissed, jerking his head up. He looked confused for a minute, then responded.

"I could ask you the same thing," he muttered, and she shook her head, stood up.

"Let's go, O'Malley," she said, then shook her head, "these cops aren't going to do anything for a while."

"Let's just kill them," O'Malley snickered. Tex hit him, and, grumbling, he followed her out. Suddenly, Church's binds toppled to the floor, cut.

He pulled himself up, then headed around the back towards Tucker.