Chapter 4: You can't park Here!

O'Malley tied Church and Tucker back to back on two chairs, with Tucker smirking and mouthing his favorite catchphase, 'Bow Chicka Bow Wow'. He had apparently figured out that Tex was female.

When the light was turned on, Church rolled his eyes. This was too noire. Seriously, what did O'Malley think he was doing, scaring them? Tucker was fighting down the urge to laugh.

"Allright then," O'Malley's weird voice echoed out of the shadows again. A hand appeared, holding a can of Red Bull, "tell me what you know, or you'll have to drink this disgusting beverage."

"You're threating them with Red Bull, O'Malley," Tex's voice echoed out of the shadows, "how do you think that effects them?"

"They will taste Oblivion! Which tastes like Red Bull... which is disgusting."


O'Malley turned back to the captives. "Now, where where we?"

Grif woke up in a hospital with a splitting headache.

He tried to move his head, but a strong hand cept him down. "Carefull, dirtbag," Sarge's voice echoed out of nowhere, "wait a minute... keep struggling. Maybe you'll die."

"Yeah, that idiot deserves to." Donut's angry voice flew into Grif ears. "It's his fault I'm stuck in a pink uniform."

Pink... uniform... this was gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael J. Caboose had looked all around the Blue Station, and he still couldn't figure out what had happened to the other policemen. He finally decided to go looking for them. He hopped in the squadcar.

"Hello," said a voice coming out of the radio, "thank you for activating the Blue Police Official Squadcar. You may call me Shiela."

"Oh. Hi, Shiela. Big, car lady."

"Would you like me to run the tutorial program?"

"What? Oh! Yes, that would be great!"

"Good. This tutorial program instructs you in the use of a Blue Police Official Squadcar..."


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