Chapter 3: Head nOOb in ChargeEdit

Church woke up with a splitting headache.

He tried to turn his head around, but discovered that he was tied and bound. He tried to move his head, and found himself tied to a bench, headfirst. Crap.

He looked to his side and saw Tucker in a similar state. He looked up, and saw two people talking in the distance. He titlted his head as much as the bindings would allow, to hear what was being said.

"We should kill them," said a strangely rough voice coming from the figure on the left in the distance. He was spazzing out, moving rapidly in place, "it would be safest."

"No, Omega, " said the voice that Church recognized instantly as Tex. "I told you before, one of them is an old... aquantince of mine."

"My name's not Omega," said the other, "I've told you this before, my name is O'Malley. Not Omega, O'Malley."

"Whatever," Tex said with a sigh, "we should just move them before the Red Squad gets here. Come one, you carry the black one and I'll carry Chur- I mean the other one."

While they were being moved, sirens where heard, and a yell saying, "They're they are, get in the squadcar before they get away!" Then Tex lifted him, and Church blacked out.

Grif ran for the first time in his life. He jumped into the squadcar, waited five seconds for Simmons and Donut to get in, and slammed the ignition.

He peeled off onto the main road, as an ummarked car sped off. Grif slammed the ignition again, and shot after the other car like a bullet. Simmons, who hadn't had time to buckle his seat belt, was blown back onto Donut's lap, who screamed. As Simmons struggled to get up, Grif launched the car onto the freeway.

The other car was still a ways ahead, so Grif slammed the siren, and pushed the car faster and faster. He nearly crashed into several other cars and skidded into a moving truck, but besides that, it was pretty smooth.

The other car went off the freeway and headed toward the drainage pit. Without hesitating, Grif followed them through the pipe at the end of the pit, ignoring Simmons's and Donut's screams of terror. It soon grew pitch black, and Grif concentrated on the taillights of the other car.

But right then, a large pipe appeared in the way. The smaller car skidded under it, but Grif couldn't dodge it. The piple slammed into the car, and everything went dark.

The car stopped, and Church saw Tucker wake up. His eyes followed Church's, passing the siganal, what the crap happened?

Church shrugged as best as the bindings would allow. They just had to wait.

Chapter 4

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