Chapter 2 of Blood Gulch Row. (Note: This episode diverges from the main storyline.)

Chapter 2: The RookiesEdit

Grif and Simmons' squadcar skidded to a stop in front of the Red Police Station. Simmons hopped out, while Grif left the car at a much slower pace.

In front of them stood two people. One was a military veteran, with a military type hairdoo. He was even holding a real shotgun, unlike the pistols Grif and Simmons always kept holestered. Beside him was a blond-haired kid, wearing a standard issue police uniform. His badge said, 'Private Franklin Delano Donut.'

"Well, ladies," the veteran everyone called Sarge said as Grif and Simmons approached, "the Government has seen it fit to increase our ranks here at Blood Gulch Police Station Number One."

"Ah, crap," Grif mumbled, "we're getting a rookie."

"That's right dead man, " Sarge growled at Grif, "I'd like you all to meet Private Donut."

Donut beamed and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you."

As Grif and Simmons exchanged glances, Sarge said, "you're going to take the rookie out on his first mission. Two thieves have been spotted by Mrs. Eldridge's house. Stop them."

Grif yawned and walked into the car, tapping the stereo that Simmons had taped to the top. The standard, 'Wee-Ooo-wee-oo' noise came out of the radio. Simmons walked into the drivers seat, and Donut took the back seat where the prisoners usually were seated. This made him nervous...

Church and Tucker had gotten the robbery call too, and got there first. Church, the driver, jumped out of the seat, pulled out his pistol, and darted inside the building, followed by Tucker, who had nearly wetted his pants. They slid inside the building.

When they first entered, Church saw that the lower floor of the house had been ransaced. He slowly ascended the stairs, and when he and Tucker had reached the third step, a dark figure lunged out of nowhere. Church rolled to the side, and the blow struck Tucker instead, who crumbled to the floor.

Church straignted, and fired off a round with his pistol. The figure jerked as the bullet struck his shoulder. At that moment, someone stepped out of the shadows, and slammed Church on the forhead. As Church crumpled to the gound, he saw the figure step into the light. The reddish hair and freckles shocked Church. Tex? he thought in disbelief as everything went dark.

The Red squadcar pulled up, and Grif, Simmons and Donut hopped out. Grif caught sight of another squadcar, with the hawk symbol that represented the Blue cops. He groaned. It was going to be a long day.

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