Blood Gulch Ball is a fanfiction inspired by Dragon Ball. It was created by Kratos117.

Season 1- Emperor Pilaf Saga

One day on Mount Paozu, a young monkey tailed boy named ChurchKu was finished with his daily chores and saw that his grandpa's Blood Gulch Ball was glowing, which is the 4-Star Blood Gulch Ball. Later on when on his way back home with a Giant Fish he was going to eat for lunch he was rammed into by a car driven by a teenage girl named Sister. At first ChurchKu thought the dino cap car Sister was driving was a monster but then revealed she was a human girl. Sister came with ChurchKu to his house to eat lunch with him but Sister saw that he had the Blood Gulch Ball she was looking for. ChurchKu refused to give her it and she told him the legend of the dragon known as Alpha, and ChurchKu decided to join Sister on her quest to acquire the seven mystical balls. After encountering a hungry pterodactyl the two then set up camp later. ChurchKu was then introduced to technology and was given a bath when Sister set up the Blue Base.

The next morning ChurchKu ends up meeting a Sea Turtle outside of the house while waiting for Sister to get ready. ChurchKu and Sister end up postponing their quest to help the sea turtle. On their way ChurchKu defeats a Bear Thief which then impressed Sister having her more confident in ChurchKu’s ability. When they came to the ocean the turtle brought back his master, the Turtle Hermit later to be known as Master Sarge. Being thankful for ChurchKu’s help he was given the Flying Nimbus and Sister was given another Blood Gulch Ball in the exchange of showing the old master her underwear.

Three days later ChurchKu and Sister end up in Aru Village where they end up being mistaken for Oolong a shape shifter who was kidnapping the daughters of the villagers. When Sister found out that Grandma Paozu, an old lady in the village, had a Blood Gulch Ball she forced ChurchKu to disguise himself as Pochawompa (Oolong's next target) to find out where Oolong was kidnapping the girls. When the plan ended up failing he decided to take on Oolong in Combat and capture him. After Oolong revealed his real form which was a pig he showed the villagers where he kept the daughters and Sister was given another one of the Blood Gulch Balls by Grandma Paozu.

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