• CaptainFlowerss

    Admins II

    September 23, 2020 by CaptainFlowerss

    Greetings, I recently gotten admin rights, so you'll see me doing active stuff and maintaining this. However I will be doing some "minor changes", they're not drastic but one thing - signing in. You will be required to sign in so I can be more effective monitoring the site in case any vandals comes in. Other then that, you can come directly to me for any questions or inquries about about anything.

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  • CaptainFlowerss


    August 28, 2020 by CaptainFlowerss

    Ok so to make things clear, I plan to adopt this site. The current admins are inactive and hadn't been on for a while.I plan to adopt so i can help manage things

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  • Dj GyPsYFiSh

    Update: 31/7/2015

    July 31, 2015 by Dj GyPsYFiSh

    Firstly, I'd like to start off with an apology to all of the fans of the (used-to-be) famous story Project Freelancer: Rebirth.It's been nearly two years since the last major update (or any update) to the story. Honestly, it's really sadening to see such a great story go to waste, and I've made many promises to update the story but it seems I never really followed through with them.

    I joined in on the fun back in the seventh grade, when my best friend (In real life), TheSuperHuner (or Hunter), showed me the story and the layout of how each person was able to create their own character page, with their own personalities and relations with other characters. The story was so beautiful back then, but as much as I love Hunter, I have to admit th…

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  • Agent New Jersey

    During the war against the aliens also known as the Covenant, I was taken into the miltary at a young age. I was probably 14 at the point. After training at the academy I became a marine for a few years, then re-enlisted into the Navy ended up being part of some special forces stuff. Then a few years after some guy comes up to me and takes me in to some project called Project Freelancer. Apparently they know almost everything. Cause some how they found out I was a Merceary, but that life is done. Anyways, they take me in for the training. I got to train with almost all the Freelancers. Our last training I had to be in a platoon with Agents Washington, Carolina, York, California, Maryland, Delaware, and Texas. Trainging was quick and intens…

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  • Lizzy Sky

    Hello all!

    This website was recommended to me years ago, but at the time I didn't have the investment in RvB rp or the time to participate in RvB roleplays. I joined up a few days ago after a binge-watch of RvB Seasons 9 and 10 in the hopes that this was still active, but it seems like things here are relatively quiet.

    I would like to extend an invitation to those of you who would be interested in roleplaying the original Project Freelancer. I've just started a roleplay over at which will be starting from the first recruitment for Project Freelancer and running straight through to the "end" of the program. It has the potential to become an AU in the future, to incorporate other AI possibilities and alternate endings to th…

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  • BlazingLeopard

    I have a short list of questions about this wiki.

    1. How many people actively edit here (as in at least once a week)?
    2. Does anyone use the chat on here?
    3. What are the wiki's policies?
    4. And finally, are the bureaucrats active (as in log in at least once a fortnight)?

    There's my short list of Q's. I asked them because the wiki looks like it's being run by two people. Sorry if that offended anyone else who is active here. :)

    "I am... GINGER!" 20:29, January 16, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Agent Rhode

    Saturday, 21 December 2013

    Okay, so I've finished all the episode 2 pages. But I am still confident that despite taking long the other episodes will in time come out at a quickler pace. I am also excited to announce that Season 4 will have a massive 44 episodes!!!! In saying that, the episodes (most at least) should be quite short. ...wait, most at least? that's a weird paradox.

    Episode 4: will bring some old favorites. It'll start to pick up in time. ...*cough North Dakota* cough! what?

    It's straight shootin from here on in.

    ...oh, and I have to rewrite episode 3. LOL!

        • "Eh, wattsamatta you-" "SHUT THE F*** UP, COLORADO!" "...touchy." - Colorado and friends
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  • Agent Rhode

    Note: Please understand that before reading this, I do rant about a particular member of the community. If you are at risk of becomming offended of light hearted insulting lanuage (or some such relative) then I suggest you ignore this...

    Monday, 16 December 2013

    I would just like to take a second to thank all of those who have private messaged me over the past few weeks with positive feedback and constructive criticism. I hope your needs and wants have been met and I thank you for trying to take the time and effort to improve me as a writer.

    In saying this...

    A nice 'screw you' to WargishBoromirFan. I thought for a while that I shouldn't use your profile name, but then I thought: you're being a dog and you don't have a profile here. Regardless…

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  • Agent Rhode

    Sunday, 15 December 2013

    Okay dokay. I have worked my butt off trying to get this ready. And I have done it...


    Cheers to those who have contributed via messaging on Fanfiction, and to those who have messaged more via the Red vs. Blue fanon Wiki. Your feedback has been very much appreciated. And I am happy to say that so far none has been negative. I look forward to releasing the second (and third) episodes. I am sorry it's taking so long. But now I have much confidence that I'll be pumping them out quicker. It takes a lot less time editing a page than it does to make one, as the seasons progress page editing will be quicker. So, I am excited. Woo Hoo!

    Alright, so. Okay. I don't thi…

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  • Agent Rhode

    Season Update ^+1 XD

    December 12, 2013 by Agent Rhode

    Thursday, 12 December 2013

    Alright, so I've currently written episodes 2 and 3 and drafted the episodes for nearly all of Season One. Season One has been confirmed to have 33 episodes. Season Two will have 24 episodes. Looking at my timeline I noticed there will actually have to be six seasons of Red vs. Blue The Freelancer Archives, however, further examination has made me realise that I may have to combine seasons 4 and 5 to make a season four. I'll know closer to the date of release (which won't be any time soon). I am pretty happy because I was worried this project of story writing would die after a while, and I still suspect it may, but it has managed to keep me interested thus far so I have high hopes it will never stay dead for too long.


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  • Agent Rhode

    Wednesday, 11 December 2013

    Due to problems with my internet I will be prolonging the release of Episode Two: Meet and Greet. Meet and Greet has been completed and episodes three to six are well underway, episodes seven to fourteen are being drafted and episodes fourteen to thirty have been added to the timeling.

    What's that? 30? Well actually, it's looking like there might be 33 episodes in Season One. HOWEVER, this may only be for season one. I want the first season to end in a specific stage within my drafted timeline, however that is a big distance inwards.

    I am nearly finished uploading all of the Episode One pages, I need to continue with only a few more characters: such as Rookie, Archer and Xiao Ma. Then I need to include a few locations …

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  • Agent Rhode


    November 28, 2013 by Agent Rhode

    Thursday 28, November 2013

    I've done it, yes I have! Episode 1: Killed in Action has been released. There are heaps of pages I'm going to have to make over the next few days so Episode 2: Meet and Greet will be a while. However, I'll be drafting it when I have no access to a computer or internet.

    The pages I have done are looking really good and I can't wait to show off other characters such as Virginia. I'll admit some of the characters in Episode One are a little odd (and annoying). But the BEST characters haven't been shown yet. I can't wait to show off Colorado, Kentucky, Minnesota, ARKANSAS (woohoo), Hawaii, IDAHO (boo yah!), Mississippi, Montana and Vermont, Oregon... some of these are the coolest characters i've made in anything ever! …

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  • Agent Rhode

    Monday, 25 November 2013

    Uh oh... um. I have a problem. Episode One: Killed in Action is going to be MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So far it's at least six times the length of the Trailer and I still need to write like an eighth to a sixth of it. ...damn.

    On the lighter side, I have completed my timeline and have given extreme depth into the characters. My personal favourite after so long is no longer Agent Rhode, but has become Agent Colorado - a freelancer who by some may be considered a mix of Agent Washington, Captain Butch Flower, Lavernius Tucker and Franklin Delanor Donut. Somehow I've made it work and I'm proud of him. HOWEVER, it will be some time before he is released in an episode as he isn't recruited into the Project until something like…

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  • Dj GyPsYFiSh

    I'm back

    November 21, 2013 by Dj GyPsYFiSh

    Hello, guys! Sorry I've been gone for so long. (Not like any of you cared anyway) but hey! It's DJ here, telling you this might be my return from my- what? 6 month long hiatus? Or something along those lines. Well I think it's time to say that yes, Project Freelancer: Rebirth (which as I recall left off with contributing the most amount of pages any story has on this website) is NOT just some dead story abandoned on this website and waiting for someone to pick up and start anew. 

    There has been incidents in the past where this story has had breaks up to even months just to get a simple subchapter released, and I can't say that it might be anybetter now but the least I can do is try to get it back up and running. Things have been brought up …

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  • Agent Rhode

    Monday, 11 November 2013

    Hoorah! The Red vs. Blue: The Freelancer Archives Season One 'Pray' Trailer has been released. The pages the compliment the trailer have also been released. Stay tuned, additions to the timeline have been made and more episodes will come in time. Yes! Yes! Yes!

        • "That's right! That just happened! Drop the Mic!" - Agent Colorado
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  • Agent Rhode

    Friday, 8 Novermber 2013

    At this point he timeline should be finished by the end of next week. I have drafted several names for the new series and the final one for season one will be releasd with the story preview in a few days. I plan to release a preview, write a few episodes/chapters and then begin to release them. However, I may or may not release them on sheduled days. BUT, this brings me to my big question...

    • Should I write this new series as a story or an episode transcript?

    Feedback wuld be much appreciated and I would very much like to share my progress in the series with wikia viewers. I will be asking people to check out my profile as to help increase feedback.

    Stay in touch


        • "I know what the objective is, but I'm going to …
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  • Agent Rhode

    Thursday, 7 November 2013

    In regards with the Project Freelancer Fanon saga I'm writing I have officially finished about 80-90% of the drafting. I have finished designing all the characters and AI to be involved with the story series - this includes all Agents, Insurrection Personnel and others. Story spoilers will not be revealed yet, if even at all.

    In time I will likely make pages describing each of the agents, their relationships with other characters and other things such as decals, equipment, weapons and biography. Images provided.

    So far the timeline remains complete - I have implemented a timeline to help me keep track of chapters. I will have to add in a few more scenes as to allow for a continuity flow and a less 'jagged' read.

    I am …

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  • Zeon1

    About Cannonicity in My Stories

    September 29, 2013 by Zeon1

    Just a quick update on the cannonicty of the stories I'll be writing. This statement will remain unchanged until further notice (either on this blog's comments or on a page I've written). Basically, for most/all of my stories that take place within the canon events of the Red vs Blue universe, the story ends with the end of Season 10 (not that I dislike 11, it's just I haven't seen it and I don't particulary want to). Just to point it out. 

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  • III Cypher III

    Okay! Heeelllloooooo everyone! It's been so long since I've actually been on the site! Gotta say, I missed this place. Recently, I bet it's been obvious I've gotten into Halo 4, what with the Halo 4 Character Update Pics on some of the BoBG character sheets. This has inspired me to try and reboot Battle of Blood Gulch, 'cause the memories are fantastic, and the experience would be awesome. So, I'm reaching out to everyone from the past BoBG seasons, and humbly ask for you all the come back. And Zeon, I would love your permission and backing.

    Thanks to you all!

    Cypher. III Cypher III (talk) 23:07, July 29, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Zeon1


    July 28, 2013 by Zeon1

    Now, you may be saying "Zeon, you just got back on!" and I know that, but sadly, it IS time for a vacation. I will be gone from around 11 today to who-knows-when on Thursday. Cya!

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  • Purple dempsey 222

    Hello once again. This is long overdue, but I'm here to announce my new series: Grif, Savior of the Universe.

    So yeah......... I will have a page up soon.

    Until then, peace.

    P.S. Not an April Fools Joke

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  • Purple dempsey 222

    Someday when you least expect it........

    Hello, I'm back. Well sort of. Fluffman, sorry Zeon, still owns my crap except for Rocket Shoes. Even if he's dead.

    Point is, I'm starting a new series. Like I said before updates will be scarce, kinda like Rumble Pit. Just teasing Zeon.

    Anyways, sometime with in the next few weeks I'll have more details about it. Until then, watch the skies. And no that's not a hint at the series. Or maybe it is. You guys will find out soon enough.

                                                                                                                                Purple dempsey 222 out.

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  • Dj GyPsYFiSh
    Hey guys, what's up? It's me DJ, and I am here again to apologize about the story. I'm not sure if anyone ever cares anymore, but it means a lot to me because I have made a promise and I've broken it. I've just been busy with school and life I can't really find much time needed to work on the story. I'll try to push out another story chapter for Project Freelancer: Rebirth by the end of this weekend. I hope you all understand why there has been so many delays in the publishing of the story. If not, then F*ck you... Nub.

    P.S. I never actually planned to be writing the story, but I still do enjoy it. This is a really good story to be apart, and I thank Hunter for inviting to this site, where I have found you people; people I have considered …
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  • DarkCrusade


    January 7, 2013 by DarkCrusade

    I may not have been the best guy here, and I might not have made the best choices but, I'm noticing how bad people have spread apart when i first came here. When I first came here, It was friendly, loving (to an extent, no homo) and ultimately it felt like the place to be. I'll tell you guys now, I like all of you. Even if you hate me. I'm sorry for what I did (f*cked up 'bout three pages and felt extremely depressed afterwards, and then put the hate on you guys), and honestly, I don't expect you to forgive me.

    I've been checking this wiki everyday, and I have no clue where some of you are. I may have disappeared for a while but I feel as if its good to come back, and what I feel is warmth when I come back here. I know I have done quite a b…

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  • Purple dempsey 222

    Sad News

    November 4, 2012 by Purple dempsey 222

    I will likely be leaving the wiki. I"m sorry I just don"t have time to work on anything. All my series's now belong to fluffman, who can choose to work with them or killing them. I may occasinally return, and if i make a new sereis it will probabally rarely get new episodes. I'm sorry. I love this wiki. Bye everyone.

    P.S. If he isn't dead yet, i still own rocket shoes.

    Sincerley, Purple dempsey 222 Read more >
  • The commendator

    Okay, i have been wanting pretty badly to do a spin off of RVB with the Freelancer chronichles, yet i dont have any idea what in the world to entitle it... Anyone have a good title?

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  • Zeon1

    Got a huge sack of news for you peoples today. No homo.

    First off, due to MANY new users requesting to join BoBG (which is nearing completition), I'm planning a maybe/possibly new RP. It can be a new concept that I've come up with (SPOILERS!), or it could be based on something like Zanzibar or Outpost Zero?

    Also, a possible RP like experiance I'm working on is Freelancers vs Army, a miniseries about of group of Freelancers launching an attack on the UNSC following the events of Halo 3.

    Oh, and.... I dunno. RESPONSE TIME!!

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  • Lelan117

    Freelancer Program, USS Mother of Invention, Orbit over Classified Outer Colony Situation Planning Room, 0800 Hours, Date: Unknown

    The Freelancers are meeting in the Situation Planning room getting briefed for their next mission. Carolina is leaning against the holographic display table and the others are waiting around patiently, until Alaska breaks the silence.

    Alaska: “Who’s the target?”

    Carolina: “There’s a few. A bunch of Insurrectionist Lieutenants.”

    Holographic images of the Lieutenants’ faces appeared above the table in front of the group. There are four of them.

    Alaska: “Easy pickings.”

    Carolina: “Not really. This isn’t a staff meeting. They’re getting ready to move out. They’ve got all of their squads and gear together, meaning we’ll b…

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  • Socksucker


    August 15, 2012 by Socksucker

    I have a basic idea for what's going to happen during Project Freelancer: Recovery, but there's a lot of ideas that still need to be thought of for the story to be a good one. I have an idea of what the ending will be like, but I don't want to reveal that just yet. I do, however, want to share another idea. The group will be hunting down Maine for much of the story (I think, still might change), and I think I could make it that while they're on the trail of Maine, they end up in Blood Gulch. Of course, this would be before Tucker and Caboose, and obviously Church. They could run in to Captain Butch Flowers. I'm ruling out Sarge, because it's possible in my story Tex might be part of the Freelancer group. I would like for Captain Flowerd to…

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  • III Cypher III

    Taking Leave

    August 11, 2012 by III Cypher III

    Hello there everyone! Just wanted to give everyone (who cared) a heads up that for the next week, starting tomorrow, I will be gone. Now it's nothing big, like the death of a family member, I'm just going to go (being forced to go) to a Camp that will be hosted all week. When I DO return, if anything major occurred in my absence, count on it that I'll catch up.

    Cypher out.


    I have returned! And a lot more has happened then I expected! If someone (or multiple people) could inform me exactly what I missed, it would be much appreciated.

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  • Zeon1

    Starting tommorow, Sunday morning, until Friday evening, I will be inactive. Yes, that's roughly a week. Sorry, I'm on vacation. I'll be playing major catch up, and I give Cocoa permission to write my lines if something big comes up. I'll try to check on this place via iPod/Kindle (unless the place has computers, in that case, I'll only be semi-inactive). So, yeah.

    Good day, and see ya soon! :D

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  • Zeon1

    Hey, guys! I've been semi-active for a while, but I will be popping around a bit more. I'm staring a new AU story, a Mental Hospital style one. Trust me, the plot's a little different.

    And second, I have a new, Freelancer-centric story in the works. In short, expect more me!

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  • Purple dempsey 222

    Season 10 premires today, so anywhere from 10:06 eastern time to tomorrow morning, I will in in the comments to this blog, will be posting comments on the premire. The comment template follows,

    EXAMPLE: At 1:46 in the video, an action scene occurs. I pause the video, go to this tab and post the following:



    your welcome to post your own comments in the comments of this blog if they follow that template.

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  • Sgt D Grif

    Hopefully I will get my PC fixed soon, and the adventures of Outpost Zero can continue!

    More info coming soon.

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  • Zeon1

    BoBG Project 2012

    April 12, 2012 by Zeon1

    • RP: Battle of Blood Gulch
    • Battle of Blood Gulch (Season One)
    • Battle of Blood Gulch (Season Two)

    • Upcoming blog (link coming soon!)

    The explosion muffled the air, sending the seven people who had been unfortunate enough to be around it flying. As each one landed, accompanied by an "oof!".

    "*Cough* What's happening?" yelled a young voice from the smoke.

    "I don't know, Sam," said a voice that would be infamiliar to any other person who has not written this fanfic, "it looks like they *cough* detonated one of the fuel tanks!"

    At that moment, a figure staggered through. Wearing a Mark IV helmet, the rest of his armor battered and burnt, he let out a cough before looking at the group.

    "Line up, gentlemen," he said, "I'm fi-" he froze, looking down.

    A knif…

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  • Shotgun02

    Well as the title of this blog says, well I'm low on ideas for Robert "Romeo" Naylors past.

    The main areas I would like ideas on are

    • Early life
    • Training (no part of his profile has it yet)
    • Relationships with other characters (both Reds and Blues)
    • Anything else you can think of that my character needs.

    Well thanks for reading this blog. Leave ideas on my talk page or in the comments area.

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  • Crunchbite


    March 29, 2012 by Crunchbite

    OK i have a problem here.


    Omicron uses his intellect and hacking abilities to help Andrusiv keep up to date on UNSC and their plans to find him.

    he has no set attitude he just helps andrusiv.

    CHANGE IT!!!

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  • Sgt D Grif

    updates part iii

    February 17, 2012 by Sgt D Grif

    I've been pretty busy this week, and I might be busy next week and over the weekend, so progress on Outpost Zero might be slow. I've made sections on each of the main character pages, but I'm currently too tired to actually fill them out. Hopefully this is a task I finish soon. I'm going to keep this brief as I tend to ramble on when I'm half asleep. Happy editing, have a great day, peace out.

    I managed to find some time to write episode six, The Boys in Blue. I still need to edit the relevant character pages, so I guess not getting around to it before isn't too bad. I'm not sure how often I'm going to be able to update this following week. Depends on how some personal things turn out. If they go really good, I'll be able to maintain my nor…

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  • TheSuperHunter

    New Series

    February 15, 2012 by TheSuperHunter

    Hey guys I'm making a new series called The Corrupted Spartans on the halo machinima fanon site I haven't made a episode yet. If you have ideas or support let ne know.

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  • Zeon1

    New Fanon!

    February 4, 2012 by Zeon1

    Hey, everbody. Is it me, or do the series we are working on right now seem to be like thier own machinimas, loosely tied to RvB so they will fit?

    If you want to make original machinimas like the series you are making, have I got the answer for you! Introducing Halo Machinima Fanon! The website were you can post scripts for the machinima you want to make. And if you make your dreams a reality, then you can post them on the original machinima wiki!

    I'm asking this because I need some admins. Just asking, and I would like to have the gang toghether for this. Hope to see you there!

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  • Purple dempsey 222


    February 3, 2012 by Purple dempsey 222

    Alright guys, my vacation is almost over so, I have some news.

    1. For In the Mean time.... bad news, it's canceled. If you wanna take it over as leader, leave a comment. I'll pick who it is.
    2. New episodes of Wv, Zombie apocalypse, and The Runaway are coming soon.

    PD222 Out,

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  • Sgt D Grif

    updates part ii

    January 19, 2012 by Sgt D Grif

    Alright well I've got some momentum going on again, so I'm gonna be getting Outpost Zero rolling.

    Here's what's going to be going on with Outpost Zero:

    • Finish Episode 3: Probably by tomorrow.
    • Episode 4: Maybe if I have some time this weekend (can't make any guarantees)
    • Create an actual series page (not my blog page I've been linking too)
    • Add content to the character pages (Probably after episode four, I've been waiting to have a little bit of the story started first)
    • Entertain the community (hopefully :P)
    • Solid Investment might get pushed back an episode or two depending on how long Combat Plan turns out, and if I start a minor plot arc with it.

    I'd like to thank everyone who's given support so far, and I'd like to commend all the great work from …

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  • Zeon1

    The Greatest Journey

    January 18, 2012 by Zeon1

    Hey, guys. I'm sure you've all heard about the bill that might shut down Wikia. If our fears prove granted, then I have some words.

    1. Death is the greatest journey, another door, just as life is just another hallway.
    2. To Sniper- You reviewed my stories first, and might be the last.... life is similar to death
    3. To Cyrus- What can I say? You are possibly the nicest guy I've ever met on this wiki. Who can type.
    4. To Dempsey- Your grammar may be lacking, but your character is strong and true
    5. To Zwd- Ah, we'll meet in real life... nothing much to say
    6. To Cypher- I wish I could learn to right with the smoothness and softness, yet at the same time epicness, with which you write.

    And if our fears don't prove granted, then, well, ENJOY LIFE!

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  • Crunchbite

    i've been away working on filming my series and decided with me getting CE anniversary i decidded to make it battle creek journeys. sounds odd but still not set in stone.

    it's still the aftergulch but in battle creek. so bye for now

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  • Sgt D Grif


    January 13, 2012 by Sgt D Grif

    Sorry everyone, I've been slow with updates to Outpost Zero. Not only have I been busy, but I also have been sick for 3 weeks. Getting a bunch of new video games has been distracting too... I plan to work on it soon though. As for the character pages, I'm going to wait a couple of episodes before writing them in detail.

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  • Zeon1

    New Username

    January 5, 2012 by Zeon1

    Hello, people. I'm changing my username to Zeon1. So when we meet next, I might be known as that. See ya!

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  • Shotgun02


    January 4, 2012 by Shotgun02

    Uploading log recording.

    Log 1

    Place: Unknown. (Blood Gulch)

    Where am I? That's all I want to know, I can't remember much, just my name and rank.

    I can't remember much else, my name is Romeo-A037 and my rank is Commander.

    Just where am I? My team there all gone, I'm all that's left, I don't know if I have the will to fight anymore. Alice, I'm sorry, I'm sorry Alice. I should have known you would have turned your shields off.

    But that was in the past, I need to move on, lets hope there's somebody I can talk to around here.

    My mind, it's..... well just messed up. Messed up bad.

    I'm the last of my team of ten Spartan IIIs....... I wonder if anybody around this place can help me. If there's anybody in this place and where "this place" is.

    God my minds …

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  • Purple dempsey 222


    January 3, 2012 by Purple dempsey 222

    In this blog post, I'm thanking everyone who helped me rise from a person who had never been in anything like a wiki, to... well.... what I am today.

    To Cyrus Arc, who wrote Trinity Team. Without that Fanon I likely wouldn't be here.

    To MrFluffman, who introduced me to RPs and inspired me, as well as help me.

    To Sniperteam, who was a valuable source of feedback.

    To RoosterTeeth, who created Red vs Blue(obviously)

    To Halo, which still inspires me to create new things, whether that be in forge or on this wiki.

    To all the rookies, you guys can do great things if you don't get discouraged.

    And, to Bungie who made everything possible.

    No, I'm not leaving forever, just thought I would thank you people.

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  • Purple dempsey 222

    Okay, two things to say.

    1) I'll be taking an extended leave from the wiki starting sometime this month. In the time of the vacation I will be making minor edits, but nothing like new series or that.

    2) Making a new series fowllowing a rouge freelancer being hunted down by an evil company so they can learn Freelancers secrets. Here's the thing, no idea for title. So I'm holding a contest. Leave entry for title in the comments.

    Peace out,

    Purple dempsey 222

    P.S. New season of West Virginia coming soon, as well as the season of Zombie apocalypse!

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  • Sgt D Grif

    Outpost Zero

    December 19, 2011 by Sgt D Grif

    See the Outpost Zero page for up-to-date and canon information!

    I'm planning on writing a series titled Outpost Zero. It will take place around the time of the Blood Gulch Chronicles, probably a bit earlier. The main point of it will be that Outpost 0A and Outpost 0B are facsimilies of Outposts 01 and 0B aka Blood Gulch. It was created in case if knowledge about the Alpha being hidden as a simulation trooper was leaked or somehow discovered. The soldiers occupying it all come from Project Freelancer's biggest project: a world divided into a Red Nation and Blue Nation. As a result, legitimate Red and Blue Armies formed, and did not rely on Project Freelancer's constant attention.

    2nd Lt. Brian Richards (Blue with EVA helmet): Leader of the Bl…

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