Bio Enhancements, short for Biological Enhancements are the replacement for Armor Enhancements among the members of Project Valhalla.


Bio Enhancements are what replace Armor Enhancements in Project Valhalla. They function similarly to Armor Enhancements in that they grant advantages to the user; however, Bio Enhancements were made to combat the concern that most members of Project Valhalla do not wear armor. As a result, these enhancements are built into the user's physiology.


The main advantage of a Bio Enhancement is that it is built into the body of the user and functions so long as the user functions, making it impossible to take off line without killing the user, something that is much more difficult than it sounds at first.

Another advantage is that a lot of Bio Enhancements focus on adaptation rather than augmentation. As a result, they allow the user to grow stronger over time and at a faster rate than a normal soldier. This is different from the vast majority of armor enhancements, which focus on augmentation over adaptation.


There are a few known disadvantages to Bio Enhancements. First, Bio Enhancements can only fit inside of a human body so long as there is room. This problem can be rectified with a density shifter, though those are hard to come by.

Another disadvantage is that, should any of these enhancements focus on Augmentation, the proportional increase of power in the user is substantially lower than normal, to the point of being nearly nonexistent.






Carolina could be considered a user of Bio Enhancements, due to the nature of his augmentations

List of Known Bio Enhancements

Muscle Developer


Endurance Booster

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