Back to the Past is the second episode of The Freelancer Files and the first of several flashback episodes which give backstory to Agent Alaska.





The episode begins shortly before the end of the last episode during the hanging. Whlie the Priest begins to read passages from the bible, the screen unlike the end of the last episode goes into the eyes of Agent Alaska. He begins to see white flashes and between them are scenes from his life such as his early childhood and then being abducted and his Spartan-III training. The screen flashes white one last time and he begins the day he met Jack Swanson. Holmes is seen eating in the mess hall when a soldier comes up to him. "Sir," he says, "Dr. Halsey would like to have a word with you." "Alright soldier." he responds. He runs to Halsey's office. "You called for me Dr. H?" he asks. "Yes. You see, you are one of Spartan-III's top hackers. We have discovered something that is.... not human beneath the planet's surface. Its locked. We already have another great hacker United Nations Space Command Marine Jack Swanson who will be assiting you. You know what to do. Due to its... unhuman origins we are hoping that within we will find something that will give us the edge we need against the Covenant." "Yes maam." he responded. "Good. I'll leave you two to get... aquianted." And with that Halsey left the room. "Look here... whats your name. Swanson? Just leave me to do my work and all will be fine." "Whatever dick I'm just here for that sweet paycheck that comes at the end of the month. Alaska begins monologing "And with that my relationship with my best friend began." "Any last words?" a new voice asks. "I said any last words!?" it began to shout. The screen flashes white again and we see the execution room again. "What no." Agent Alaska says. "Then let it begin." The warden tells the executioner. The executioner puts the ropes around the agents necks and then pulls a lever hanging them. We next see a morgue with two body bags whose tags are Agent Alaska and Agent Ohio.


  • The title is a reference to the Back to the Future film series.
  • Episodes will alternate weekly between flashback and real time.
  • This takes place in the weeks leading up to Reach.
  • This takes place before the founding of Project Freelancer.
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