Back to the Norm is the first episode of Battle of Blood Gulch (Season 2). It was written by MrFluffman 01:43, October 4, 2011 (UTC).


The Reds, with their new team member, sat gathered in the family room, watching old movies and trying to hide from the brutal blizzard, which had revived since Krayson's betrayal.

"So," Maddox said, trying to break the silence, "what do you think of the new Blue Leader? Good or bad? Pushover or tough-as-nails?"

"You mean Chief?" Alexa asked, lifting her head up, "he's a nice guy. Kinda reminds me of my dad, and that shotgun just helps that."

"Wait a minute," Killgrave said, angry, "why do you kill Joseph "Chief"?"


"I'm you commanding officer! If anything, you should call me Chief!"

"I call him Chief because he has an outstanding service record! Can you believe it, he fought with Master Chief!"

"He's a good guy," Song said, "a little too fatherly if you ask me, but still okay."

"I miss Krayson," Swanson muttered, staring at his hot chocalate.

"Dude," Clay cried, glaring at Swanson, "he betrayed you! Helped that (deleted) hack you armor! How can you miss him!"

"I don't know," Swanson replied, "but something seemed... off about him during the last few days. I just don't know what..."

"Guys!" Maddox cried, and the others quickly ran into his room. "I just hacked a Blue Command message!" he announced excitedly, "it's talking about a new recruit."

"Private- hakckladk- eap arriving in canyon in thirty-three hours- ajsdkfldfj- Joseph "Chief" Carpenter to recieve- alkkdjf- transmission end."

"Eap?" Clay asked, shaking his head, "who's Eap? What kind of name is that?"

Song glanced pointedly at Swanson, who shook his head. Suddenly gunfire could be heard, echoing through the base. Everyone looked up as Jenkins barreld in, leaping behind Clay.

"Help me!" Jenkins cried, "our new commander's insane!"

"Geoffrey!" came a crisp, military-ish voice from the entrance, "come out now. I don't want to hurt you, despite popular opinion."

"NO!" Jenkins cried, "get out!"

A blast was heard in the entrance. A bullet zipped past Clay and hit the wall. "A long-range shotgun?" Song whipered, "holy crap."

Footsteps strode quickly toward the group...

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