The Atom Rearranger is a Bio Enhancemented used by Valhalla Agent Frigga. It is used to rearrange the placement of Atoms within the body.


This bio enhancement works by rearranging the atoms within the user's body. Frigga uses it to convert her skin into other materials by rearranging her carbon atoms. This allows her to make her skin as strong as Grapheen or as weak as Graphite.

It is hinted that the Atom Rearranger has other functions, such as overall manipulation of the person's shape. However, Frigga has never used these functions if they do indeed exist.


The advantage is that the user can change the strength of their body's durability: Frigga can convert her skin into Grapheen, making it a nearly impenetrable shield that most objects can't cut or break through: blades can't cut it and bullets bounce off of it. Frigga has also used it to create blades out of the iron in her blood.

Also, the strength of the enhancement is not limited to the user's physiology: it extends to everything in contact with the enhancement itself, including people that the user of the enhancement is touching. In this manner, the user can also convert an enemy's durability to be as weak as Graphite, rendering them vulnerable to pretty much all forms of attack. The only one who doesn't seem to be affected by this particular trait is Carolina, as his body is more Iron than Carbon.


The main disadvantage is a variable and is entirely dependant on whether the user decides to do this or not: should the user convert their skin to diamond, they will be unable to move, similar to the effects of Odin's Steeler. However, due to the impentrable properties of Diamond in comparison to other materials, this is a rather slight disadvantage and rather advantageous should the user be surrounded by enemy forces, thus making it debateable whether this is an actual weakness.


  • The Atom Rearranger is derived from the special powers of the Fullmetal Alchemist character Greed, who uses his abilities in a similar, though more toned down way.
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