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Armor Enhancements are various equipment that gives the user a special ability on the field. These enhancements are normally used by Project Freelancer agents. However, other individuals is known to possess a enhancement from either stealing to taking it from a Agent.


Project Freelancer Enhancements

Prior to the start of the series, armor enhancements were created in order to help soldiers best suited in conflict by giving them a unique super human ability. However (in the RvB universe), there were two major issues: armor enhancements were difficult to produce and couldn't run at their full capabilities or even function properly without an A.I. to help run them. During the Great War, the UNSC decided to create a military program specializing in armor enhancements, called Project Freelancer, in hopes it could aid in ending the intergalactic conflict. Along with this, Project Freelancer was provided with a smart A.I., created by Dr. Leonard Church.

However, roughly a year after the Great War ended, the UNSC discovered Project Freelancer had been misusing its equipment and breaking several laws, with the help of the Blood Gulch Crew. After shutting down the faction, the UNSC confiscated all known Freelancer equipment, including the armor enhancements. In Check Your Local Listings, remains of them were found by Simmons in the Freelancer Offsite Storage Facility, but discovers that although one can use an enhancement without an A.I., they still couldn't run properly.

List of Armor Enhancements

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