Name: Arizona
Affiliations: Project Freelancer: Rebirth
First Appearance: Unknown
Armor Color(s): Purple (Primary, Secondary, Detail)
Occupation(s): Grenadier
Weapon(s): Frag Grenade, Plasma Grenade, Spike Grenade, Fire Grenade, Grenade Launcher.
Armor Enhancement: Flak Armor
Voice Actor: YouKnowWho


Arizona has the standard issue Spartan II Armor. She has the Mark VI, with a EVA right and left shoulder, and has the CQB chestplate. Under her armor she stands at 6'2. She has long brown hair tied into a ponytail.


Arizona is kind-hearted girl that doesn't really like violence despite the fact she signed up for the military and became a freelancer. Arizona used to go horseback riding when she visits Antarctica which caused her to have a thing for animals. She loves to hear jokes and likes to be needed. She has is very friendly to many of her fellow freelancers.



Arizona and Alaska get along quite well and have no ill feelings for each other. Arizona doesn't change her feelings for him even though her sister has romatic feelings for him.


Arizona is a friend Arkansas and later their relationship seemed to drift apart as things the program started to get hectic.


Arizona has had very little interaction with California except for when Arizona joined the program. Arizona didn't really know California much as she died soon after Arizona joined the program.


Arizona respects CT and his light hearted personality and is his friend also because Alaska and Maine are his friends.


Arizona and Maine are also best friends and are romatically involved with each other. Arizona started liking Maine when he and Alaska protected Arizona and Montana from South Carolina during a training session.


Arizona and Montana are twin sisters and love each other. Montana is the older twin. Arizona and Montana work as a great team together during missions and training sessions.


Arizona thinks of Nevada as a "slut and a whore" and dislikes her. Arizona starts to dislike her more and more as her and Arkansas drift away.

New York

Arizona hasn't met or will ever meet York due to her joining the program after his death. However she learns from other agents that he isn't a bad guy.

North Dakota

Arizona dislikes North due to him always bragging and boasting out his rank and him basically being the Directors pet. Arizona does

South Carolina

Arizona thinks that Carolina is a "fucking asshole" and doesn't has any positive feelings for him. She along with all the other members of the "Buddy-Club" have a dislike for him.

South Dakota

Arizona is very impressed with South Dakota's fighting skills. However, they haven't had any interaction so far.

The Counselor

Arizona finds the Counselor creepy which makes her want to stay away from him. She believe that he may molest her if she was alone with him.

The Director

Arizona respects The Director enough to trust him even he sends her on alone missions which would likely result in her death. However she later learns that he is planning to betray them.


Arizona has not had any interaction with Texas.


Arizona hasn't met Utah but she learns from other agents that he is a homosexual and that he was a bit annoying.


Arizona sometimes forgets who Washington is to Washington's annoyance. Arizona later becomes his friend.

West Virginia

Arizona dislikes West and finds him annoying since she joined the program. Arizona dislikes West and likes his sister..


Arizona hates Wyoming for his many attempts at try to have a relationship with her sister. Arizona thinks his jokes are retarded.


Arizona and Virginia are best friends since she joined the program. Arizona likes Virginia and dislikes her brother.


Skills and Abilities

Armor Enhancement


Notes and Trivia

  • Arizona is the stronger twin, while Montana is the older twin.


Follow the story of Project Freelancer: Rebirth. The death of this character is not yet visible to the public due to spoilers.

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