Anthony Ferguson is a main character in Red vs. Blue: Forward Unto Dawn. He is a scientific prodigy; an extremely intelligent biologist, psychologist, paleontologist, geneticist, chemist, physicist, and engineer. He is the newest recruit to the Red Team and is the main brains in the group, as well as their mechanic. Unknown to them, though, he is an augmented spartan and was accidently assigned to part of the team on Blood Gulch.



Anthony is kind, generous, and optimistc. He is always willing to solve problems, especially those caused by members of both Red and Blue teams. He also seeks to improve his team's ability to cooperate and work together in dangerous situations. He takes his research very seriously, as most of the time he tries to find a way to imrpove some obstacles that stand in the way of his comrades. As time goes by of being part of the Red Team, he begins to strongly respect and form a strong bond with them, seeing them as true friends. He is very loyal to Sarge, as he seems him give orders and take charge like a real leader.


Red Team

  • Sarge-Anthony is strongly loyal to Sarge. He follows his orders directly, even if some of them are weird and confusing. He builds anything Sarge tells him to build and has no problems cooperating with him.
  • Simmons-Anthony has strong respect for Simmons and his ability to afilliate and work with others, and considers him as one of his best friends.
  • Grif-although he also respects Grif, Anthony is always concerned with his inability to work with others, fight, and respond to orders, as all he ever does is slack off.
  • Donut-Anthony respects Donut for his commitment to the Red Team.
  • Lopez-Anthony is always weirded out by Lopez's only ability to speak Spanish and always thinks of a way to modify his voice proccessor.

Blue Team

  • Church-Anthony kindly respects Church as an effective leader of the Blue Team. Both of them see some of the problems going on with their opposing teams; while Anthony seeks to resolve it, Church takes it out in his frustrations.
  • Tucker-Anthony sees Tucker as kind-hearted and mature.
  • Caboose-
  • Tex-
  • Washington-

Skills and Abilities

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