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Frontier Blues
Name: Frontier Blues
First Appearance: The Alphas!
Leader(s): Lux Chapel
Equipment and Vehicles: Vehicles

Armor Enhancement

Status: Active

The Alpha Blues is the name given to Blue Team Simulation Troopers stationed at Blue Base Alpha Frontier-17A. Their "leader" is Commander Lux Chapel, with Charles Johnson acting as a Captain of the Alpha Blues.


Lux ChapelEdit

Main article: Lux Chapel

Lux Chapel is the only leader of the Alpha Blues and its most intelligent and combat trained Blue trooper. Formally an UNSC officer before turned into an Simulation Trooper, he was an brilliant strategist and sharpshooter Spartan-III commando leading Iota squad.

Charles JohnsonEdit

Main article: Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson is the second-in-command of the Alpha Blues holding the rank of Captain. Cheerful and eccentric, Charles is known for his advanced vocabulary and his instances of performing investigatorial and journalistic attitude and activites.

Cain LuckEdit

Cain Luck is an Simulation Trooper refered as Luck or Lucky for his unqestionable and extraordinarily luck in the most dire and impossibly unavoidable situations and circumstances as if he done it more then several times. Due to his luck, Cain is one of "better" troopers in the Alpha Blues and could be even better then Lux Chapel.


Known MembersEdit

Current MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit

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  • The Alpha Blues is identical to the Blood Gulch Blues, with the only difference is that the Alpha's do not have a tank but a pelican, but its leader is regarded by both the Alpha Blues and Reds as a elite sharpshooter.
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