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four main members
Alpha Blues
General Information
Military Unit Type


Organizational Information
Commanding Officer(s)

Commander Lux Chapel


Captain Charles Johnson

Staff Officer(s)
  • Petty Officer Theia
  • Two others

Private Cain Luck


Armor Enhancement

Historical Information
Other Information

The Alpha Blues is the name given to an team of Blue Army Simulation Troopers stationed at Blue Base Alpha Frontier-17A. Their "leader" is Commander Lux Chapel, with Charles Johnson acting as a Captain of the Alpha Blues.



Known Members

Current Members

Lux Chapel

Lux with his MJOLNIR armour

Main article: Lux Chapel

Lux Chapel is one of the two only individuals whose an Spartan-II commando unit of the UNSC Special Forces, who saw more action and combat then any of the Blues or even the Freelancer agents. Having been kidnapped at six years old, chosen to fight off insurrection, was brought into the life of the military and first contact against the Covenant Empire. Having 30+ years of combat experience, most being sucidial deployments, he has more knowledge in warfare then any other Blue as well with general tactical skill in weapons and vehicles. Held the rank of Commander, the only Spartan-II to reach such an rank, he was held in high regard in regards to the Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.

Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson.jpg

Main article: Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson is the second-in-command of the Alpha Blues holding the rank of Captain. Cheerful and eccentric, Charles is known for his advanced vocabulary and his instances of performing investigatorial and journalistic attitude and activites. Charles is greatly known for his journalistic attitude and his knowledge on events and past history of not only Earth but the times like Shakespeare, and even Plato with Atlantis. He carries himself an lean-back attitude of high-class charisma and an very vocalize person that uses complex phrases which stands to the steroptyical "rich talk". Regardless he's among the best in the Blue Army during combat and even was considered to been elevated to an Freelancer agent by the director himsefl for his leadership, though this was turned down knowing Charles can uncover secrets that the director did not want to be uncovered.

Cain Luck

Cain Luck.jpg

Cain Luck is an Simulation Trooper refered as Luck or Lucky for her unqestionable and extraordinarily luck in the most dire and impossibly unavoidable situations and circumstances as if she had done it more then several times. Due to her luck, Cain is one of "better" troopers in the Alpha Blues and could be even better then Lux Chapel. After joining with the Alpha Blues, her unnatural luck earned her as among the best blue simulation troopers on her way to also being considered to becoming an freelancer agent. However the fact she survived everything against astronomically impossible odds brings in question if this'll bring harm to those around her. Trained close-quarters combat, she shows great unarmed combat skills and more flexible then Theuia, though Cain commented that, "Lux can bend where not even girls can do perform such acrobatics" thus revealing an sassy, flirtous side to her character.



Theia is an Blue simulation trooper and is second to only Chapel in sharpshooting, having been taught by the Commander how to use the modified sniper he prepared for her. She was also "supposedly" an agent of Project Freelancer and among those to try out the fatal Spartan-II procedures and survived, however she developed minor delusions. This soon sent her away to be with the Alpha Blues after she caused some mishaps in the Freelancer's primary mobile HQ vessel. Her overall personality and mannerism is similar to Lux's, calm and collected, strategic and overall, someone who keeps their cool during heated situations.

Former Members

Temporary Members

Trivia & Notes

  • The Alpha Blues is identical to the Blood Gulch Blues, with the only difference is that the Alpha's do not have a tank but a pelican, but its leader is regarded by both the Alpha Blues and Reds as a elite sharpshooter.
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