By the next day, the group was buzzing about their close encounter with Alpha.

"I swear he looked at me! I swear!" Grif kept yelling, forgetting his statement yesteraday completely. Simmons looked disgusted.

"We can at least verify he has cobalt armor," Tucker said, for once trying to get into a conversation that didn't envolve girls.

Tex, while dropping the ocasional comment, stared at Church suspicously. When she caught his eye, he just shrugged and looked away.

Church and Tucker sat watching the news, eating potato chips, and trying to study for a job interview at the same time, with very little sucess.

"For tonight's first story," the newscaster said, "current Deputy Mayor of Blood Gulch City, Mr. O'Malley, has recently released a statement regarding questions about the mayor's policy on the vigilante known as Alpha." The scene cut to a figure barely visible, hidden by his desk and the darkness in the room.

"Of course, the Mayor has not yet been able to form a policy on the subject of the Alpha, I wish to envite him to a personal audience with me, to discuss buisness."

Tucker quickly turned off the TV. He turned to face Church.


"So what?"

"What are you gonna do about Tex?"


"She was looking at you the whole time."

"Yeah, becuase for once, I had my mouth shut. Problem?"

"Yeah. Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow."

"You disgust me."

Church slid silently through the window into O'Malley's office. He paused for a moment to look around, then headed for the door at the end of the hallway.

Sneaking. One of the finer arts of being a super hero. Ah, the irony.

There were multiple guards at the door, most asleep. Church delt with the other ones by dropping a statue in the hallway. He then slid through the door.

The sight that greeted him was shocking. Tex lay tied up in a chair, looking like she had been beaten. Her eyes widined, and Church took a step forward.

And then something hit him in the back of the head.

Wyoming and O'Malley watched as Alpha crumpled to the floor. Wyoming stepped forward, lifted him over one shoulder.

"What should I do with him?"

"Put him in the caves. The monsters can pull him to peices for all I care. Check on him though. I tried a smiliar thing with Epsilon, but he escaped. Oh, and no food."

"And the girl?"

"Torture her some more, then put her to work, I don't care."

"And where will you be?"

O'Malley laughed, slid on a purple helmet. "I've got some buisness to take care of as Omega. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH!"