The Premier of Alpha!

1. Night on PatrolEdit

Night fell on Blood Gulch City quickly. The sun went down in a flash, the lights went out with a fizz, and so far, it was peaceful. Except for those buglars on Sidwinder Street.

As they hacked their way into an ATM, one of the buglars grew increasingly nervous, looking over his shoulder countless times. The other theif took notice and hissed at him, "What the heck is wrong with you?"

His partner stuttered for a minute, then finally confessed. "I-I, w-was just worried, w-what if h-h-he comes? F-f-for us?"

"Nah, that's just a legen- huggdk!" Before the other theif's sentance was finished, a cobalt-armored hand reached out, and chopped him on the forhead. As his partner went for his gun, the rest of the figure descended as well, his leg striking the man's groin.

The partner went down, face white. The cobolt soldier stood their for a minute, Assault Rifle out, then slowly backed away.

2. In Other NewsEdit

The newsman seemed composed, but it was hard to tell, underneath the standard Bio-Suit that every citizen had to wear. He stood facing the camera, for all the world appearing calm and in control.

"And in other news," he said, "last night, a couple of burglars where apprehended by Blood Gulch City's own vigilante, known only as Alpha. Whether this means he will pose a serious threat to the famous underworld or not, seems uncertain."

Leonard Church snorted and changed the channel. He was half-clad in the cobalt armor that he used to fight crime as Alpha. He quickly pulled the rest of it off, and stepped into the shower.

Out of the shower, and back into the normal suit of armor he wore, he turned again to the newscast.

"Also, Dr. Sheila Roberts has concluded that the water level sourounding the city has shown signs of going down. For our younger viewers, several years ago, a massive global heat wave, caused by a large heat eruption on the Sun, melted most of the polar ice caps, flooding most of the world, except for a few locations, such as Island City in the mediteranian, Freedom City in North America, Capital City in Candada, and our own Blood Gulch City. Because of the dangerous toxins released in the air from the destroyed ice caps, as well as the extreme heat, citizens are required to wear special Bio-Suits to preserve body temperature. That and more, next!"

Church sighed. Everyone new the water wasn't coming down, that it was getting worse.

3. Some Phone CallsEdit

Just as Church was finally going to sleep, he heard the phone ringing. Groaning, he ran over, pulled it from it's cord.


"Hey, buddy, hows it going?"


"I mean, life, you know, bow-chicka-bow-wow and all that."

"Oh, hey Tucker."

"Yo. Hear the news about Alpha?"

"Tucker, it's 3 in the morning. I'm trying to sleep."

"Oh. Seeya, then."