The story of the RvB characters in a... different kind of war. Aliens have attacked Earth, and only multiple squads can save them.


  • Leonard L. Church- Leader of Squad Alpha
  • Lavernius Tucker- Squad Alpha
  • Michael J. Caboose- Squad Alpha
  • Sargeant "Sarge" Michael E. Racoon- Leader of Squad Epsilon
  • Dexter Grif- Squad Epsilon
  • Richard Simmons- Squad Epsilon
  • Franklin D. Donut- Squad Epsilon
  • Allison "Tex"- Spec Ops
  • Reginald "Wyoming"- Spec Ops
  • O'Malley "Omega"- Spec Ops
  • Maine "Meta"- Spec Ops


Season One

  1. Transmission 1
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