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Alexander Cook
Name: Alexander Cook
  • Charon Industries (Formall
  • Project Freelancer
First Appearance: Red VS Blue: Pendragon
Armor Color(s): s
Occupation(s): Chief-Engineer of Project Freelancer, A.I Programmer
Weapon(s): Pistol
Relative(s): Leonard Church (Older Brother)
Armor Enhancement: Enhanced Intelligence
Voice Actor:

Captain Alexander Cook (formally Alexander C. Church) was a former Project Freelancer chief-engineer and a shuttle pilot. He was the younger brother of Director Leonard Church, and the brother-in-law of Allison Church, and uncle of Carolina. After the fall of Project Freelancer, Alexander became the most wanted man by the UNSC, and is in hiding.

While working for Project Freelancer, he programmed the F.I.L.S.S computer system A.I, along with her counterpart, Sheila. Despite not being a fragment of the original Alpha AI, Alexander programmed them both to show and express emotions and feelings. How he done this is unknown. He had assisted his brother in many endeavors in terms of technologies they have, and how to utilize them. Before he joined with his brother, he worked for Charon Industries, helping them make the armor for Project Freelancer. Due to this, Malcom is also hunting him down.


Early Life

Charon Industries

Project Freelancer


Knights of the Nine

Abilities & Skills

  • Transcendental-Genius IQ: According to Charon Industries and Project Freelancer, Alexander possessed a IQ of over 300, making his IQ level the history in human history, far surpass Catherine Halsey how had a IQ of 200.
  • Ace Pilot: Alexander is able to pilot almost any craft he sees fit. From either airborne or space, he is considered to be one of the best in Project Freelancer.
  • Superior Marksmanship: Alexander accuracy is nigh-flawless. His expertise in handling his pistol with dead accuracy makes Project Freelancer agents look like novices against him. It is said in the training field, he has beaten every agent but Carolina and Tex in terms of weapon accuracy.
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