Agent Vermont
Name: Agent Vermont
Affiliations: Project Freelancer
First Appearance: The Short Version
Armor Color(s): Coral (Primary), Ice (Secondary)
Weapon(s): Shotgun
Armor Enhancement: Unknown
Voice Actor: Socksucker

Agent Vermont is a member of Project Freelancer, appearing in the story Project Freelancer: Recovery.

Role in Plot

Agent Vermont first appeared with Agent Rhode Island, both of them fast asleep in their quarters. They are alerted by Vermont's A.I., Zeta, that the Mother of Invention is experiencing critical engine failures. After a brief discussion with Rhode, Vermont leaves for the Main Hangar.


Vermont is the 'normal guy' of the group. He often becomes impatient with Rhode, as he does not take things as seriously as Vermont. Vermont does have a sense of humour, though believes there's a time and a place for jokes, and the battlefield isn't one of them. Vermont believes that he will be able to achieve his goals through doing the right thing, and keeping a level head.

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