"Because the whole galaxy thinks I'm dead, and I want to keep it that way."
—Tenn to Palomo in Presumed Dead Season 1
  • Story Change: Agent Tennessee will be Tennessee forever. Mississippi is now the name of his girlfriend.*

Agent Tennessee

Agent Tennessee (Kevin) is the main protagonist of an alternative story called Red vs Blue: Presumed Dead. He was an agent who use to work for Project Freelancer and part of his girlfriend's squad. Ever since Tenn betrays Project Freelancer, the Director did not redact his files, Tenn became a forgotten agent.


Before Agent Tennessee, Kevin died 500 years ago during WWIII. Avery also died, however, she is not Kevin's boyfriend in the first place. She was already married to someone else and her death was unknown. The Artist work for Project Freelancer and resurrected them as A.I.s with their old memories wiped and altered, making them think they worked for Project Freelancer as veterans or experts. The Artist then betrayed Project Freelancer by revealing Tenn's past and memories and why he really joined the organization. After learning the truth, Tenn betrays the organization and his friends because he was blinded by trickery and deceit.

The Artist betrayed Project Freelancer only to create Tennessee as a trusted guardian of the Rooster Teeth universe.

Before Kevin became an artificial intelligence who believed to be a resurrected human, Kevin was a soldier ranked Private in World War III. Private Kevin was known for having multiple disabilities that makes him dumber, slow learner, and sometimes confused. During the mission to bomb a radio station, Kevin stayed behind and guard the bomb even though he was told by his sergeant to escape. Kevin's reason to stay behind was because his disabilities made him think he wasn't a perfect human being, that he would mess up everything for everybody. The bomb blew up the station and Kevin was the only known casualty. Kevin's cause of death was suicide.


As a child, he once was a crybaby and thought anybody would care about him. Until he stopped crying, realizing nobody cares. Still feeling depressed but also developed hatred and anger (Felt as if someone betrayed him). As Tennessee, nobody loved him. Everyone say they hated him for "existing." They hated him so much, someone broke his helmet causing him to be muted throughout the first season. When ever Tennessee is seen, people annoyingly and always tell him to shut up, despite he was already a "silent warrior." As Tennessee, he's always a depressing person. He's always hard on himself claiming he doesn't have friends, and saying he's a terrible shot. He is the only Freelancer Agent known for having multiple disorders that only causes depression and anxiety.


Omicron, an A.I. based off of Church's Determination, became long forgotten which driven him to come back to kill Tenn. Omicron, possessing Massachusetts, throws Tenn off the cliff at the very same moment where Carolina gets her A.I.s taken and thrown off by Maine/Meta. Forgetting that Tenn is an A.I. controlling a "terminator body," Tenn survived the fall. Except Tenn did not use a grappling gun, he fell on a pile of snow and was lucky enough to not get impaled by spikes. In Season 2, Tenn joins the UNSC military police the same day the Reds and Blues were assigned to Blood Gulch Outpost in Season 1.


After Presumed Dead Season 2, and visiting Wash at General Doyle General Hospital on Chorus (Seen at the end of Season 1), Tenn was in the middle of traveling through space and then get teleported to The Artist's office. The Artist claimed that Donut smashed Chrovos with the Hammer and the Red and Blues are stuck in an infinite loop where they are reliving their past lives. Tenn worked as one of The Artist's bodyguard who protects other universes and will return to his own universe once the Reds and Blues fix the Everwhen.


Mississippi's Squad:

Also known as the heist group, Tenn was assigned to his girlfriend's team to rob supplies from the Resistance. They also fight against an insurrectionist group called the Obsidian Ghost Clan, they have 5 strong members and each are named after "dire" animals. After Tenn has been recovered and Squad Tenn has been disbanded, Tenn's memories have been wiped and doesn't know about Squad Tenn's existence.

This Team Includes: Avery (Mississippi; Leader), Tennessee, New Jersey, Kentucky, West and East Virginia, Missouri, New Hampshire (Traitor), and Massachusetts (Black Armor Version).

Tennessee's Recruit Team:

After Tenn's recovery, he was assign as the leader of a team of recruits (Recruits literally wearing Recruit helmets). They are known as the assassination team. The assassination team members are Tenn's childhood friends back in elementary. Sadly after knowing the truth about himself, he finds out his friends on his team are fakes and nobody knows who they are. Are they clones of the original, or are they soldiers hired to pretend? Tenn killed all of them so he's not sure.

This Team Includes: Tennessee (Leader), Jon Mark, Brycen White, Jared Norman, Riley and Regan Baker.

Tennessee's UNSC Squad:

During Red vs Blue Season 1, Tenn joins the UNSC and hides there. Tenn's group are known for hating each other and never get anything done. All they ever do was argue. East Virginia snuck her way in to inform Tenn about Agent Oklahoma and manage to convince him to return as an ex-agent. Tenn's Squad joined along his adventure. They came anyways and fight along side with him because Tenn wanted everyone to die.

This Team Includes: Tennessee (Leader), East Virginia, Chelsea, Jayden, and Taylor.

Colorado's Team:

Only exist in an alternative dimension, Colorado's team of ex-freelancers visit the canyon and meet the Reds and Blues only to ask Carolina and Washington to help them wipe out an insurrectionist group called the Obsidian Ghost Clan, they have 5 strong members and each are named after "dire" animals.

This Team Includes: Colorado (Leader), Tennessee, New Jersey, Kentucky, West and East Virginia, Missouri, New Hampshire (Still a traitor), Massachusetts (White Armor Version), Indiana and Louisiana.

Weapons and Equipment

In the Chorus trilogy, Carolina mentioned the Space Pirates have acquired Freelancer equipment. The Enforcer armor worn by male Space Pirates, shields, and invisibility, all of them belong to Agent Tennessee. From a file that wasn't deleted before the director's death. Locus used the M739 SAW and that weapon belong to Tenn.

Weapons used in Halo 3: BR55HB Battle Rifle, 99D-Series 2 Sniper Rifle, M6G Magnum Pistol, Combat Knife.

Weapons used in Halo 4-5: M395 DMR, 99-Series 5 Sniper Rifle, M739 SAW, M6H Magnum Pistol, Combat Knife.

Enhancements: Active Camouflage, Z-90 Hard Light Shield, Rocket Boosters (Underneath his feet), 2 Light Bayonets (Used as wrist blades), Google Translator.

Gadgets: Drones, Turrets, TR/9 Tripmines, Z-4190 Bubble Shield, Portable Gravity Lift.

Weapons rarely seen and used: Tactical Shotgun, Dual M7S SMG, ARC-920 Railgun, Any Assault Rifle Models, M41 SPNKR (Rocket Launcher), Tactical or Gunfighter Magnum, Kentucky's Favorite Shotgun.

Current Weapons: M395 DMR, Sniper Rifle System 99-Series 5, M6H Magnum Pistol, Combat Knife.

Non Halo Weapons (Used only in Enforcer): AP Ricochet Crossbow, Guillotine (A name for a machete).

Artificial Intelligence:

Omicron: Omicron is the AI based off of Church's Determination. Unlike Omega, Omicron's first ability allows him to possess any vehicles as an autopilot. The second ability is called "High Precision" which make Tenn's vision faster, allowing him to make decisions while everything around him is slower. The third ability allows Tenn to use night, thermal, or x-ray, but it also changes the color of his visor. Legendary = Normal, Flood = Night, Torchbearer = Thermal, Midnight = X-Ray.

PI: PI is the AI version of Tenn's girlfriend, Mississippi. She was also the same AI that was inside Mississippi, and was recovered as well. She has similar powers as Upsilon and Omicron.



Mississippi (Avery): Avery was Tenn's girlfriend and leader. Tenn only follows his girlfriend's order because he really wanted to be useful for her and trying to prevent her from breaking up with him. After Avery tells 479er to fly back to command with the package, Avery sacrifices herself to protect the pelican from the robots. Tenn stole Massachusett's battle rifle, and West's dual SMGs, and jumped out of the pelican to fight. Tenn sadly reacted as Avery was blown off by Allen using a rocket launcher where Tenn and Allen fight face to face. After Allen got blown up and Tenn was brutally massacred by the soldiers, his A.I. unit becomes deactivated, then recovered by another group of agents, and his memories have been wiped and became Tennessee again. He received an A.I. based off of his girlfriend, code name PI, who also had her memories wiped of being Mississippi. Before betraying Project Freelancer, Tenn finds out he and Avery were already A.I.s from the very beginning. Even if Tennessee doesn't remember his past, he and Avery will still be boyfriend-girlfriend.

New Jersey (Jon Rodriguez): New Jersey dies in the first episode, so their relationship is unknown.

West Virginia (Anna Boe): Anna is the tomboyish twin sister of Annie. Even though Tenn already has a girlfriend, West thought Tenn is trying to get a harem and wanted East to be part of it. During Tenn's time as a military police, West and East along with the remnants of Project Freelancer have joined Oklahoma. After the betrayal of her sister, she pretended she's still work for Oklahoma until her sister comes back. After the sisters reunited, West was sadly killed on the spot.

East Virginia (Annie Boe): Annie is the kind twin sister of Anna. Tenn never talks to East because of her overprotective sister. They never talked a lot ever since. During Tenn's time as a military police, East betrays Oklahoma and finds Tenn who doesn't remember her and West and refuse to come back being an agent. Project Freelancer attacking the UNSC camp searching for East is what made Tenn come back. After the sisters reunited, West was sadly killed on the spot. Tenn protects East as she and West spend their last moment together and then Annie changed her name to just Virginia. To make everyone hate Tenn, Virginia seem to gain a crush on Tenn but sadly Tenn rejected her and said he loved Avery. He also doesn't want to be friend with her because of the "curse."

New Hampshire (Dov Ziniac): Tenn and Hampshire hated each other. Tenn did nothing wrong, Hampshire pissed him off by bullying him and started the rivalry. After finding out Hampshire was a traitor who goes by the name Dire Snake, Tenn thought he found out why he always hated him. Did you know, Hampshire wears a Scout helmet which was later worn by Felix.

Missouri (Jose Santiago): Whenever Tenn gets bullied by New Hampshire, Missouri always try and defend Tenn or make him feel better. Tenn, who thinks everybody hated him, thought Missouri is trying to trick him into gaining his trust only to get betrayed. After Hampshire was revealed to be the traitor, he tries to kill Tenn with a pistol, but instead Missouri blocked the shot and died. Tenn, even though he thought Missouri hated him, avenged him.

Kentucky: The only time Tenn talked in the radio was with Kentucky and he responded "Hey Chicken-Leg" and the voice cuts off where the animations only show Tenn bobbing his head up and down while using his comm (Tenn nicknamed Ken "Chicken-Leg" because of his red Mark VI armor with white stripes). While running through the hallway, Ken told Tenn that he wanted to drink the wine that York brought back from Illinois, sadly Ken was interrupted by a sniper shot to his neck. Ken shared a same fate as Washington and there was a deja vu moment where Kat died in Reach. Tenn grabbed Kentucky's favorite shotgun and started firing until he runs out and then dragged his body to a safe room. The entire squad attend a short funeral.

Massachusetts (Jack Kramer): Massachusetts is a new recruit to Squad Tenn and Jersey's replacement after death. Tenn doesn't know how to feel about this news. Massachusetts began to mess around with Tenn, but couldn't tell if he wants to play or is he being serious. In the Enforcer, Massachusetts was asleep inside his armor while Omicron is possessing him and throwing Tenn off the cliff.

Omicron: Omicron is an A.I. based off of the Director's Determination and was given to Tenn after Jersey's death. Because Tenncan't talk due to his broken helmet, Omicron always communicate with Missi's squad for Tenn. Plus he can tell what Tenn is thinking or saying inside his broken helmet. Ever since Tenn's recovery, Omicron was long forgotten which angered him into coming back to kill Tenn. In Red vs Blue Season 6, Omicron along with other A.I.s are all destroyed in an EMP blast by Agent Washington. Omicron's status is destroyed.

North Dakota: He, along with Tenn, York, and Wash are lunch buddies. North makes fun of his sister by telling Tenn about her anger issues, this was when Tenn began his fear of strong women. After the Fall of Project Freelancer, Tenn still believes North is still alive.

New York: He, along with Tenn, North, and Wash are lunch buddies. York knew Tenn is boyfriend-girlfriend with Missi, so he always gives him love advice to improve. York once mentioned about his lover, Carolina. After the Fall of Project Freelancer, Tenn still believes York is still alive.

Washington: He, along with Tenn, North, and York are lunch buddies. The group likes to make fun of Wash. After the Reds and Blues stopped the Blues and Reds, Tenn heard that Wash was badly shot in the neck. Even though Tenn does not remember Ken because of memory wipe, he experienced deja vu as if this happened again. He rushed to Chorus for two reasons, to refuel the pelican and to visit Wash at the hospital without being spotted by both Carolina and Wash.

Allen Stone (Dire Shark): Just one minute of battle and Tenn already has another rival. While battling against him with Avery, Avery was blasted off the elevator with a rocket launcher which angered Tenn. Tenn grabbed a rocket launcher and shot Dire Shark. Normally it's suppose to kill him, but instead Dire Shark came back in Enforcer with prosthetic limbs (both his arms and legs) and challenge Tenn to a rematch. Did you know, Allen was named Dire Shark because he shared a similar fate as Sharkface. Both wanted revenge on a specific agent and then immediately killed after the rematch. Next Idea: Dire Shark will be resurrected by Kurokami during Phase 4, Tenn and Shark will be fighting each other again until at the point they became allies like Joker and Crow from Persona. Do you think this is a good idea?

Jon Mark (Fake): Jon Mark Castleman is a fake version of Kevin's best friend since 2nd grade. Tenn knows Jon Mark as a Christian friend and church buddies. After the death of Fake Brycen, Jon Mark tried to calm Tenn down as if he had no reason to kill. Tenn kills Jon Mark without hesitation and knowing he's talking to a fake version of his best friend.

Brycen White (Fake): Brycen White is a fake version of Kevin's friend since 2nd grade. Kevin knows Brycen who hunts deers for sport and who learns how to use guns at a young age. After Tenn learns the truth of who he and Avery was, Brycen was watching the whole time and ready to pull the trigger. Before Brycen dies, he claimed that his "Recruit Team" are trainees of new agents. Brycen was Agent Wisconsin.

Riley and Regan Baker (Fake): The Baker twins are fake version of Kevin's friends since the beginning of middle school. Riley and Regan were twins who can be easily identified by the color of their glasses. Riley wears cyan and Regan wears brown. Sadly they stopped wearing glasses making the guessing game harder. After the death of Fake Brycen, Tenn was forced to fight the fake twins. They both died.

Jared Norman (Fake): Jared Norman is a fake version of Kevin's best buddy since 2nd grade. Jared was part of Kevin and Jon Mark's friends as a trio, and was also Brycen's hunting friends. After the death of Fake Brycen, Jon Mark, and the twins, the Mother of Invention crashed into Sidewinder, Carolina and Tenn thrown off the snowy cliff, and the Blood Gulch Chronicles, Fake Jared becomes Agent Oklahoma. After killing Oklahoma, Tenn leaves Project Freelancer for good.

Dr. Leonard L. Church: Ever since New Jersey died, the director tried to cheer up Tenn by granting him the Omicron A.I. After Tenn's recovery, the director then gives him the PI A.I. telling him that his girlfriend died so they turned her into a ghost. The director probably felt betrayed after not only Tex, York, and North but Tenn also betrays Project Freelancer. After Tenn comes back to Project Freelancer to kill Oklahoma after what he did, the director thank him for his cooperation but sadly Tenn walked away and never returned to the organization.

Alternative Universe:

Colorado: Colorado always act like Tenn's elementary teacher whenever Tenn is depressed or bullied by New Hampshire.

New Jersey (James Seale): While Tenn, West, New Jersey (Jon Rodriguez), and Tucker were captured by the Insurrectionists, everyone watched in horror as New Jersey gets his head drilled, pulling his brain out. James, who went by the name Dire Scorpion, helped everybody escape. Tenn recognized James as an old buddy from the UNSC who's also a traitor before Tenn joins Project Freelancer to look for his girlfriend.

West Virginia (Anna Boe): Still an overprotective twin sister.

East Virginia (Annie Boe): Still kind and precious. After West died, East changed her own name to just Virginia.

New Hampshire (Dov Ziniac): Still Kevin's rival and still a traitor. Every time when Tenn speaks or someone talks to him, New Hampshire always rudely interrupt him by saying "shut up" or "nobody cares." It's likely that New Hampshire is an agent who has good hearing ability.

Missouri (Jose Santiago): Still friendly towards Tenn. The only difference is that Missouri survived at the end.

Kentucky: Still reckless and still nicknamed "Chicken Leg." The only difference is his cause of death was sacrificing himself for the team.

Massachusetts (Jack Kramer): Tenn and New Hampshire are rivals who hate each other. On contrast, Tenn and Massachusetts are a type of rivals who likes to joke around a lot. Tenn holds the world's expensive cigarette lighter and claimed it's a Birthday gift for Massachusetts. Massachusetts doesn't smoke nor drink and so does Tenn. Tenn kept this secret before his actual Birthday.

Indiana: Before meeting the Reds and Blues, Colorado's Team once entered a dangerous planet where they're attacked by Floods. Everyone safely entered the Pelican and only Indiana was left behind. Tenn describe him as juggernaut class, similar to Massachusetts and Louisiana. He believed once he ran out of ammo, he's gonna rely on his brute strength to fight back. Tenn believed Indiana is MIA, and others believed he's presumed dead.

Louisiana: Before visiting the canyon, Colorado's Team were ambushed by some Obsidian Ghost Clan members. Louisiana was blown off the cliff by a rocket launcher. Tenn tries to grapple him, but sadly missed. Tenn describe him as juggernaut class, similar to Massachusetts and Indiana meaning Louisiana might've survived the fall. However, he never came back ever. Tenn believed Louisiana is MIA, and others believed he's presumed dead.

Red Team:

Sarge: Ignoring the Reds and Blue's idiocy, Sarge's shotgun is good for close range combat and thinks he makes a good pair with Kentucky. Whenever Sarge talks about killing Grif, Tenn thought he was serious and protected Grif. He's protecting the Reds and Blues even though they're idiots because he thought they can be useful.

Dick Simmons: Ignoring the Reds and Blue's idiocy, Simmons' rocket launcher is useful for blowing up a crowd of enemies. Tenn had a long history of being an engineer, so Simmons took interest in him and they once worked together to build a time bomb.

Dexter Grif: Ignoring the Reds and Blue's idiocy, Grif's Brute shot is useful for blowing up a crowd of enemies. Sadly it also makes loud sounds. Tenn hates it when Grif ignores his message or goal, this happens because Tenn once asked Grif to eat healthy and be more cooperative after noticing how Grif is sloth and glutton. "So what? I told him to eat veggies and he got mad at me!" - Tenn.

Franklin Delano Donut: Ignoring the Reds and Blue's idiocy, Donut has a really good arm. Tenn sucks at throwing grenades that he always give Donut grenades to throw. Tenn realized he and Donut are the exact opposite.

Lopez The Heavy: Tenn isn't bilingual, but he installed Google Translator allowing him to understand different languages. Lopez finally have someone who understands him. Sadly after the mission ended Lopez no longer hangs out with Tenn. Lopez just wanted to be friends with Tenn.

Blue Team:

Leonard L. Church: Tenn had no idea why Church is the leader of blue team despite having terrible aiming and how much he hates everybody. Tenn always relies on and is the only person who voted for Church on driving.

Lavernius Tucker: Ignoring the Reds and Blue's idiocy, Tucker has an alien sword and does not seem to have mastered the sword arts. Since Tenn finds out Tucker is a ladies man after that moment where Tucker tries to hit up West and East, Tenn doesn't like to reveal his A.I.

Michael J. Caboose: Tenn never wanted friends because he claims he was cursed by God to be lonely forever. As Caboose called Tenn a friend, Tenn did everything to protect Caboose. Tenn started to act more like Church every time Caboose makes a dumb decision, but they are still friends.

Frank Dufresne (Doc / O'Malley): Understanding that Doc is a pacifist, Tenn referenced a hero named Desmond T. Doss, a medic who never touched a gun. He thinks Doc would do the same but sadly it didn't work. Tenn had no idea his advice never work once. Then he discovered O'Malley.

Carolina: Only heard stories from New York, Tenn finally meets her in person. He knows Carolina is badass, but doesn't know she's that tough. He had no idea how York was able to date her, and also believed York was still alive, despite not hearing the news. Because Carolina was a former leader of her Freelancer team, he always treated her as second in command, addressing her as ma'am or ms. Tenn is secretly afraid of Carolina because of York's story about her and thinks that she's a type of agent who you do not mess with. Same with Texas.

Washington: "Since when did Wash turned from the galaxy's greatest dork to a cool and serious agent?" - Tenn.

Kakaina Grif: Only appeared as a cameo. Never interacted with Tenn.

Skills and Abilities

Armor Abilities:

Despite the fact he wears a Halo 3 version armor, he carries a Z-2500 autosentry which is an armor ability from Halo 4. In Halo 4-5, he uses Active Camouflage in game, but In the animations he can uses Active Camouflage and Hard Light Shield at the same time. In Season 1, Tenn always wear a jet pack since he wears an ODST and not Spartan.


In the game, you can only carry two weapons. Tenn is capable of carrying only two rifles on his back (One rocket launcher or minigun), two pistols on his thighs, and one weapon on his hands (Two if he dual). When running out of ammo, Tenn either keep the weapon or throw away and steal a dead enemy's weapon. He calls it the "Grave Robber" skill.


The only thing he's poorly bad at is grenade throwing. Either he threw it too far, too weak, possible to team kill, teammates stealing his supposed grenade kills, or he misses and hit the wall. To put it shortly not only he's unlucky, but also terrible. Imagine if Tenn accidentally threw a grenade into an air duct, then Tenn blew himself up.

Kill Counts:

  • Several Resistance soldiers
  • Dire Scorpion
  • Agent New Hampshire / Dire Snake
  • Several Resistance soldiers (With Rocket Launchers)
  • Few Mantis robots
  • Dire Hawk
  • Allen "Octavius" Stone / Dire Shark
  • Dire Wolf
  • Brycen White / Agent Wisconsin
  • Several Freelancer soldiers
  • Jon Mark
  • Riley Baker
  • Regan Baker
  • Several Tex clones
  • Jared Norman / Agent Oklahoma



  • Kevin was born in Dyersburg, Tennessee. In Tennessee, Kevin use to be a kind hearted person because he went to school full of Christians.
  • Carolina and Tenn both shared similar fate. Both betrayed by their former allies, survived after thrown off the cliff, joined the UNSC to fight Project Freelancer, and joined a team of idiots.
  • In Season 1, animations only, Tenn wears a full ODST armor and his armor color is silver with cobalt trims. It's possible Tenn's armor design is a reference to Captain Rex from Clone Wars, but The Artist designed his armor that way because he had no idea what his armor should look like and tried to make him look badass. Light blue is also his favorite color.
  • If you want to play as him in Halo 3, Tenn's armor consists of: ODST helmet, Scout shoulders, and CQB Torso.
  • In Halo: Enforcer (In Real Life; Halo 4 Version) Tenn wears the full Enforcer armor set. His armor color are cobalt with black stripes.
  • The armor color was based off of Diamond Freddy, a fanmade character for Five Nights At Freddy's and is currently a scrap idea.
  • In Halo 5, Tenn's armor as military police consists of: Military Police helmet, Nightfall armor, and a Legendary visor, and the only Military Police who wears cobalt stripes.
  • Tenn, back as an ex-agent, replaced the Marauder helmet with the Warmaster helmet. Tenn stated the Warmaster helmet belong to Colorado, which he mentioned was a legend. His original armor color comes back as well.
  • Nearly at the end of Season 2, Tenn's Enforcer armor comes back and he wears the full set again. But this time, the black stripes are removed.
  • The Raijin helmet with Shinobi armor was originally going to be Tenn's new armor. Now the armor belongs to Agent Oklahoma.
  • On "Tennessee's Fate," it mentioned that Tenn has a "terminator body." Tenn actually has a body of a T-800 from the Terminator franchise. However Tenn doesn't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, doesn't share his hair or his face, but resembles The Artist himself as a high schooler.
  • Tenn became an atheist because he knows what death is like. He claims there is no heaven or hell, but only pitch black darkness. He can't see, hear, or feel, and he also can't think or talk.
  • Tenn has a weird habit of saying "Not my fault." every time someone is irritated or complaining. He does this because he's always blamed for something he didn't do, and false accusations are the worst.
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