Agent Rhode Island
Name: Agent Rhode Island
Affiliations: Project Freelancer
First Appearance: The Short Version
Armor Color(s): Brown (Primary), Brick (Secondary)
Weapon(s): Battle Rifle, Magnum
Armor Enhancement: Unknown
Voice Actor: Socksucker

Agent Rhode Island, or simply 'Rhode' by his friends, is a member of Project Freelancer, appearing in the story Project Freelancer: Recovery.

Role in Plot

Agent Rhode Island first appeared with Agent Vermont, fast asleep in their quarters. Vermont's A.I., Zeta, alerts the duo that the Mother of Invention is experiencing critical engine failures. After a brief discussion, in which Rhode expresses his annoyance at being woken, they depart for the Main Hangar. Before leaving, Rhode takes a photograph of his family from the wall.


Rhode is the joker, making sarcastic remarks regularly, much to the annoyance of Vermont. He does not take their Freelancer training as seriously as Vermont, and as a result has never been one of the top 20 Freelancers. Rhode is also shown to be lazy, reluctant to leave his bed in The Short Version, despite the fact that it was an emergency.

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