Agent Pennsylvania, or Penn for short, was brought into the Freelancer Project at a young age. All he knows about his family and true past are that of what the Director followed him to know. All an all Penn sees the Project as his family, but he still doesn't trust the Director and his secrets.


Jason was initially recruited at the age of 19, at the time he was merely living on the streets and defending for himself. He wasn't a tough guy and always looked out for those who couldn't defend themselves. One day he noticed a group of thugs holding up a young couple. He knew who the guys were and knew that encounter would end well. Not wanting to see the couple hurt Jason approached the thugs and asked them to leave. His polite remark wasn't taken lightly and he soon found himself going up against at least ten guys. Jason toke down several of the thugs only two escaped him. When he was done he turned to the couple to find horrified faces. Only then did he realize that his hands were covered in blood on his hands. After that he went into hiding to ashamed of what he had done not wanting to face the world. That all changed though one day. The day he was approached by two armored personal and was told to come with them, their "Director" would like to meet him.

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